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Supporting Michigan Agriculture 2018 - Preventing Work-Related Respiratory Illnesses  (CET 2017-18 Introduction)

Farming and Respiratory Disease: the Role of Respirators in Prevention

Respirators - Which One?  Does It Fit? Matching the respiratory protective device with the situation is as important as selecting the right tool for the job.

Deciphering a Pesticide Label

MIFACE 2016 Summary of Ag Fatalities  (Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program)





Exposures in the general environment can cause adverse health effects.

Medical Education materials and resources are available to help in selecting the amount and type of fish to eat to maximize the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and minimize the risk for mercury and chemical contamination.

Eating Fish

The proper siting of wind turbines is important to minimize adverse human health effects.

Wind and Health 

  Safe Animal Handling to Prevent Farm-Related Injuries and Deaths
 Work-Related Amputations and Deaths Due To Power Presses in Michigan
  Work-Related Amputations Due to Power Saws
  Arborists Look Up Stay Clear & Stay Secured
  Stop Work-Related Assaults in the Health Care Setting
  Prevent Work-Related Asthma from Isocyanate Exposure in Foam-in-Place Process
  Prevent Work-Related Asthma from Isocyanate Exposure in SPF-Spray Polyurethane Foam Applications for Insulation in the Construction Industry
 Fatal Asthma Attack While Cleaning Bulk Milk Tank
  Prevent Work-Related Asthma in the Transportation Manufacturing Industry
  Prevent Work-Related Asthma from Welding Fumes
 Methylene Chloride Causes Death of Three MI Bathtub Refinishers
  Food Service Work-Related Burn Injuries in Michigan
  Prevent Burns from Hydrofluoric Acid in the Workplace
 CA Storage: Respiration Halted for Fruit and People
 Carbon Monoxide
  Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Michigan
  Slippery Clutch Pedal
  Injury Prevention Strategies For Older Drivers
  Plan. Provide. Train. Prevent Fall Injuries & Death
 Stop Work-Related Fall Injuries
 Stop Fatal Falls in Construction
  Work-Related Hospitalizations From Ice-Related Fall Injuries in Michigan
  Work-Related Fatalities & Injuries From Using Ladders in Michigan
 Falls From Scaffolds Can Be Prevented
  Farm-Related Machinery Entanglements in Michigan
 Work-Related Injuries and Fatalities From Forklifts
  STOP Work-Related Homicides
  Look for Mobile Equipment Blind Spots
 Don't Get Nailed by a Nail Gun    8x14    8x11
  Look Up For Overhead Lines
  Pyrotechnician Struck By Firework
  Why Bother With A ROPS Retrofit?
  Temporary Worker Safety - A Shared Responsibility
  Safe Use of Tractors Will Prevent Work-Related Deaths
  Farmer Died As Result Of Starting Tractor On Ground
   Trench Cave-Ins Kill
  Electrocuted While Welding
   Work-Related Fatalities While Performing Rim Wheel Servicing
   Work-Related Amputations in the Food Service Industry
   Work-Related Burns Caused by Cleaning Products

The MIFACE Fatality Investigation Reports are in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for your web browser. The free plug-in can be downloaded here