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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 116 50-year-old independent contractor died from complications sustained at a logging site when a stray branch/falling tree struck him
Case 164 23-year-old logger died when he was crushed between a tree shear and a front-end loader frame.
Case 208 59-year-old male employee at a fruit storage facility died when he entered a controlled atmosphere storage room.
Case 209 29-year-old farm hand died when his shirt became entangled in an unguarded power take off (PTO) shaft while making feed for a dairy operation.
Case 226 43-year-old farm manager died when the elevated arms and bucket of a skid steer loader fell and pinned him against the skid steer frame.
Case 23 45-year-old tree trimming crewmember was killed when struck on head by falling tree.
Case 241 18-year-old and 17-year-old Hispanic male farm hands were asphyxiated in a 3000 gallon polyethylene feed tank contained fermented feed material.
Case 252 26-year-old farm hand was leveling corn inside of a 4-000-5000 bushel silo when he was found by his employer gasping for breath
Case 270 62-year-old logging company owner died when he was run over by the John Deere 648GIII log skidder he was operating to level branches and wood chip piles.
Case 281 40-year-old co-owner of a logging firm died when he was struck by a falling tree.
Case 29 43-year-old logger died after being crushed by a falling tree.
Case 294 18-year-old farm hand died when he was engulfed in corn in a 20-foot wide by 64-foot high poured concrete silo.
Case 298 67-year-old farm hand died when he was struck by a 2006 Komatso WA 250 front-end loader with a 4-yard bucket measuring approximately 8 feet 10 inches in width while he was bent down cutting the strings on a bale of hay.
Case 312 23-year-old logger died when a large tree fell onto him.
Case 319 34-year-old co-owner of a logging business died when he was struck by a previously cut 22-inch diameter, 40-foot long tree limb.
Case 352 46-year-old male owner of a logging firm died when he was struck by a rotten section of a poplar tree he had just hand felled.
Case 353 44-year-old maintenance shop laborer died when he was struck by a non-seated pressurized tine rake tire he was servicing.
Case 355 46-year-old beef cattle farmer died when he fell from the blade of a John Deere HLT bulldozer and was run over when the bulldozer moved forward.
Case 376 14-year-old farm worker was working with family members on a family dairy farm when she became entangled in an elevator conveyor’s chain and sprocket.
Case 405 60-year-old herdsman died when he was struck multiple times in the chest by a bull.
Case 407 17-year-old farm hand at a hog-raising operation died from asphyxiation due to inhalation of the byproducts of incomplete combustion of a propane-powered pressure washer.
Case 414

23-year-old laborer was overcome and drowned when he entered a 10,500 gallon molasses tank to reposition a drain pipe.

Case 420

54-year-old farmer died when unsecured wooden crates fell from the forks of a forklift attachment to the front of a Massey Ferguson 360 farm tractor and struck him.

Case 428 55-year-old dairy farmer died when he lost consciousness and drowned in liquid manure in a manure it.
Case 444 70-year-old farm worker died when he and the unsecured manlift basket he was working from fell approximately 20 feet to a concrete floor.