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2018 Michigan Work-Related Deaths

Case Summary

The table below containes preliminary information about Michigan workers who died in 2018 as a result of an injury sustained while at work. The information has been obtained from public media sources, MIOSHA and stakeholder reporters. MIFACE has not verified this information; verification may conclude that the death is out of scope.

A MIOSHA Program-Related fatality is determined by whether the individual who died was employed in an industry included in MIOSHA jurisdiction as defined in Public Act 154 of 1974, as amended and the fatality may be related to a MIOSHA standard.


Case Number Date of Injury Occupation Description Incident County
9. 2/7/18 Truck Driver A truck driver died when he rear-ended another semi-tractor trailer and was ejected from his cab. Washtenaw
8. 2/4/18 Uber Driver An Uber driver died from gunshot wounds. Wayne
7. 2/1/18 Operations Manager An operations manager died when he was shot by a disgruntled employee. Wayne
6. 2/1/18 Manager A manager died when he was shot by a disguntled employee. Oakland
5. 1/19/18 Supplier Quality Engineer A supplier quality engineer died when the vehicle he was driving rear-ended a parked semi-tractor trailer. Jackson
4. 1/24/18 Police Officer A police officer died several days after being shot while responding to a domestic violence call. Wayne
3. 1/1/18 Singer A singer died from a gunshot wound. Wayne
2. 1/9/18 Owner A fence company owner died from a gunshot wound Macomb
1. 1/10/18 Tow Truck Driver MIOSHA Program-Related Fatality. Please access information here. Saginaw