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CASE images/MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 187 47-year-old tree trimmer/arborist was killed when he fell approximately 60 feet while topping a 90-foot tall, two-foot diameter white pine.
Case 230 21-year-old window cleaner died when he fell approximately 60 feet while suspented over the edge of a building roof as he was preparing to descend in a boatswain chair.
Case 285 49-year-old co-owner of a tree service died due to a 40-foot fall when the top of the elm tree to which he was tied off broke away from the tree after the tree trunk was struck by a swinging tree branch.
Case 358 61-year-old tree service owner died when he was thrown from the bucket of a cherry picker.
Case 396 28-year-old tree trimmer died when he fell approximately 40 feet when his Weaver Cougar Positioning Saddle Model 1075 rope bridge failed while ascending a tree.
Case 402 66-year-old owner of a tree trimming service died from injuries sustained when he fell from the bucket of bucket truck.
Case 417 24-year-old male tree trimming company owner died when a large branch struck him while trimming a tree.
Case 419 49-year-old tree removal company owner died when a limb split and fell onto the bucket of the bucket truck positioned 55 feet in the air causing him to be catapulted from the bucket.
Case 429 46-year-old journeyman tree trimmer died from a 35- to 45- foot fall when the knot used to attach his climbing rope to his climbing saddle untied.
Case 430 75-year-old tree trimmer died when he fell approximately 20 feet after the branch he was sitting on broke at the crotch while he was readjusting his lifeline.
Case 438 40-year-old tree trimmer died when he fell approximately 40 feet from a tree.
Case 452 52-year-old owner of a tree trimming/landscaping service died when he was ejected from the bucket of an aerial lift while working approximately 15 feet above the ground.