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Eating Fish Safely

This document shows, by body of water and type and size of fish, recommendations for frequency of ingestion for the general public, children, pregnant women and women of childbearing age.

This brochure provides recommendations for how frequently to eat different types of fish. Bochure is available in English, Arabic, Chines, Hmong, Spanish and Vietnamese.

This document provides recommendations for fish not listed in the Michigan Fish Advisory.

This document is a useful patient handout on choosing, cleaning and cooking fish.

This document summarizes useful web sites for both health care practitioners and patients.

EPA web site that summarizes EPA and FDA advice about mercury in fish.

EPA web site containing links to fish advisories in all states and Canada.

EPA web site on mercury in fish.

FDA site indicating how much mercury there is in different types of fish.

University of Illinois developed Curriculum for 10 hours web-based CME.

This brochure provides a guide to help you choose fish low in Mercury from Restaurants and Grocery Stores.