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2024 Michigan Work-Related Deaths

Case Summary

The table below contains preliminary information about Michigan workers who have died in 2024 as a result of an injury sustained while at work. The information has been obtained from public media sources, MIOSHA and stakeholder reporters. MIFACE has not verified this information; verification may conclude that the death is out of scope.

A MIOSHA Program-Related fatality is determined by whether the individual who died was employed in an industry included in MIOSHA jurisdiction as defined in Public Act 154 of 1974, as amended and the fatality may be related to a MIOSHA standard.

Case Number

Date of Injury

Occupation Description    Incident County   MIOSHA Program Related #
016 4/6/2024 Agriculture Worker An agriculture worker died from a tractor rollover after being ejected from the cab.   Cass    
015 3/27/2024 Apprentice Pipefitter
An apprentice pipefitter died after being struck in the face by a cap on a pressurized line.
014 3/22/2024 Scrapper
A scrapper died after being crushed by a load carried by a skid steer.
013 3/20/2024 Warehouse Agent
A warehouse agent passed away after being pinned between a powered industrial truck and a racking system.
012 2/15/2024 Parts Runner
A parts runner died as the result of a traffic accident involving multiple vehicles.
011 3/13/2024 Field Technician
A field technician died as the result of a traffic accident involving multiple vehicles.
010 2/23/2024 Department Manager A department manager committed suicide with a firearm.   Ingham    
009 1/24/2024 Die Setter A die setter died from injuries suffered when a rolling cart and die fixture fell onto him from a flatbed truck.   Macomb   5
008 2/5/2024 Owner A business owner died in an oil field explosion while cleaning an oil tank.   Cass   4
007 2/6/2024 Bus Driver A bus driver died as the result of an accident involving multiple vehicles.   Alpena    
006 2/5/2024 HVAC Repair Technician An HVAC repair technician died when their truck left the roadway and crashed.   Berrien    
005 2/3/2024 Clerk A clerk was fatally shot while attempting to prevent the theft of his vehicle.   Wayne    
004 1/31/2024 Roofer A roofer died from a fall after sheathing trusses.   Oakland   3
003 1/31/2024 Semi-Truck Driver A semi-truck driver died when they were ejected from their vehicle after hitting the guard rail of an interstate exit.   Calhoun    
002 1/24/2024 State Trooper A state trooped died when they were struck by a vehicle while investigating a suspected DWI.   Saginaw   2
001 1/9/2024 Assistant Yard/Receiving Manager An assitant yard/receiving manager died when he fell 20 feet from a order picker lift truck.   Ionia   1