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Project SENSOR - Old Issues

The Project SENSOR News has been published since 1989. Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of the previous issues listed below.

Project SENSOR News - Old Issues

V8N1 Winter 1996-1997 What Percentage of Asthmatics a Physician Cares for Have Work-Related Asthma

V7N4 Fall 1996 Connective Tissue Disease and Silicosis

V7N3 Summer 1996 Highlights from the 1995 Annual Reports on Occupational Diseases in Michigan

V7N2 Spring 1996 Latex Rubber Glove Allergy

V7N1 Winter 1995-1996 Metal Working Fluids

V6N4 Fall 1995 Occupational Asthma from Exposure to Acrylates

V6N3 Summer 1995 Highlights of the 1994 Annual Reports on Occupational Diseases in Michigan

V6N2 Spring 1995 Determining Impairment/Disability in Patients with Asthma

V6N1 Winter 1994-1995 Occupational Asthma Among Health Care Workers

V5N4 Fall 1994 Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)

V5N3 Summer 1994 Highlights of the 1993 Annual Reports on Occupational Asthma and Silicosis in Michigan

V5N2 Spring 1994 Silica and Lung Cancer

V5N1 Winter 1993-1994 What Percentage of Asthmatics A Physician Cares for Have Work-Related Asthma?

V4N4 Fall 1993 The Job Ends But the Asthma Goes On

V4N3 Summer 1993 Highlights of the 1992 Annual Report on Occupational Asthma in Michigan

V4N2 Spring 1993 Highlights of the 1992 Annual Report on Silicosis in Michigan

V4N1 Winter 1992-1993 Use of the Peak Flow Meter to Diagnose Occupational Asthma

V3N4 Fall 1992 Is RAST Testing Useful in the Evaluation of Patients Who May Have Occupational Asthma?

V3N3 Summer 1992 Exposure to Styrene: Seven Case Histories

V3N2 Spring 1992 Asthma and Work: How Do You Diagnose the Association?

V3N1 Winter 1992 Hard Metal Asthma: Case Histories of Exposure to Tungsten Carbide

V2N4 Fall 1991 Pastry Producers and Their Dusty Workplaces

V2N3 Summer 1991 Occupational Asthma: Oil Mist, Its Contaminants & Their Relationship to Occupational Asthma

V2N2 Spring 1991 Your Place of Employment and Emphysema

V2N1 Winter 1991 Pickle Packing Patients: Potential Respiratory Problems in the Pickle Industry

--Fall 1990 A Look at the Relationship Between Tuberculosis and Silicosis: Two Case Studies

--Summer 1990 Occupational Asthma: A Case Study

Do Atopics Have an Increased Risk of Developing Occupational Asthma?

--Spring 1990 Criteria for the Diagnosis of Occupational Asthma

The Importance of Physicians Recognizing Occupational Disease

--Winter 1990 What Does the Patient Have: Silicosis or Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis?

Consequences of an Incomplete Work History

--Fall 1989 Update on Project SENSOR

--Spring 1989 First Issue: Introducing the Project SENSOR News