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The Project SENSOR Newsletter had been published since 1989. Newsletters 1997 to present are found below.

Project SENSOR Newsletters prior to 1997

Now Hear This Newsletters were published on a quarterly basis (1998-2010) and discussed topics relating to noise induced hearing loss.

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Project SENSOR Quarterly Newsletters

V35N3 Summer 2024 Climate Change and Workers Health
V35N2 Spring 2024 Outbreak of Blastomycosis among Michigan Paper Mill Workers
V35N1 Winter 2024 Asbestos Updates Including Recommendation for Lung Cancer Screening
V34N4 Fall 2023 Cannabis and Asthma
V34N3 Summer 2023 Asthma Mortality
V34N2 Spring 2023  Engineered Stone Countertops and Silicosis but not in Michigan?
V34N1 Winter 2022  National Asthma Public Policy Agenda - 2022 Update
V33N4 Fall 2022  What is a Normal Blood Lead level?
V33N3 Summer 2022  Mesothelioma in Michigan
V33N2 Spring 2022  COVID-19 and the Use of Disinfectants - Second Look
V33N1 Winter 2022  Opioid Prescriptions among Patients Receiving Workers' Compensation
V32N4 Fall 2021  Work-Related Asthma from Plants
V32N3 Summer 2021  Data on COVID-19 Cases in Michigan: What Percentage of COVID-19 Cases in Michigan are Associated with Work Exposure?
V32N2 Spring 2021  Does SARS-COV2 Spread Primarily by Droplet or Aerosol Transmission?
V32N1 Winter 2021  COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation
V31N4 Fall 2020  Work, Health Disparities and COVID-19
V31N3 Summer 2020  COVID-19 and the Use of Disinfectants
V31N2 Spring 2020  Occupational Burden of Respiratory Disease
V31N1 Winter 2019 The Burden of Work-Related Asthma in Michigan
V30N4 Fall 2019 Vaping and Acute Lung Disease
V30N3 Summer 2019  Diesel Exhaust and Asthma
V30N2 Spring 2019 Twenty-Nine Year Summary of Silicosis in Michigan
V30N1 Winter 2018  Work-Related Allergies and Asthma From Exposure to Insects
V29N4 Fall 2018  Mining in Michigan and Respiratory Disease
V29N3 Summer 2018  Fish and Shellfish Allergy
V29N2 Spring 2018 Report on Work-Related Surveillance, National Academies of Sciences, January 2018
V29N1 Winter 2017 Construction Work and Respiratory Disease
V28N4 Fall 2017 Update on Cleaning Agents and Asthma
V28N3 Summer 2017 Occupational Asthma and Wood Dust
V28N2 Spring 2017  Prevalence in Michigan of Cigarette Smoking, COPD and Asthma by Occupation and Industry
V28N1 Winter 2016-17 Overview of Workers' Compensation: Trends, Issues and Roles of Physicians
V27N4 Fall 2016 Work-Related Asthma from Exposure to Cannabis sativa (Marijuana and Hemp)
V27N3 Summer 2016 Obliterative Bronchiolitis from Exposures in the Work Environment
V27N2 Spring 2016  Elevated Blood Levels in Flint, Michigan
V27N1 Winter 2015-16 Use of a Methacholine Challenge Test to Diagnose Work-Related Asthma
V26N4 Fall 2015 Medications and Work-Related Asthma
V26N3 Summer 2015 Lung Cancer Screening for Asbestos-Exposed Workers?
V26N2 Spring 2015 Pesticides and Asthma
V26N1 Winter 2014-15 Metal Working Fluids and Lung Disease
V25N4 Fall 2014 Health Disparities are an Occupational Health Issue
V25N3 Summer 2014 Resources for Health Practitioners to Identify Exposures That Can Cause Work-Related Asthma
V25N2 Spring 2014 Proposed OSHA Rule on Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica
V25N1 Winter 2013-14 Elevated Blood Lead Levels
V24N4 Fall 2013 Enzymes and Work-Related Asthma
V24N3 Summer 2013 Psychiatric Disorders and Work-Related Asthma
V24N2 Spring 2013 Update on Isocyanates
V24N1 Winter 2012-13 Silicosis and Fracking
V23N4 Fall 2012 Swimming Pools and Asthma
V23N3 Summer 2012 Updated Software for Use with a Peak Flow Meter to Evaluate Patients Whose Asthma Symptoms are Worse at Work
V23N2 Spring 2012 Chemical/Dust Irritants and Lung Disease
V23N1 Winter 2011 Eating Fish: Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Risks
V22N4 Fall 2011 Work-Exacerbated Asthma
V22N3 Summer 2011 New Causes of Occupational Asthma Reported in 2010
V22N2 Spring 2011 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis - Identifying the Causal Agent
V22N1 Winter 2010-11 Irritative Vocal Cord Dysfunction
V21N4 Fall 2010 Asthma and Welding
V21N3 Summer 2010 COPD And Work
V21N2 Spring 2010 Keeping Track: Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
V21N1 Winter 2009-10 Update on Silicosis
V20N4 Fall 2009 Nanoparticle Toxicity
V20N3 Summer 2009 Clean As A Whistle, But What About That Wheeze?
V20N2 Spring 2009 Disinfectants and Asthma: Part II
V20N1 Winter 2008-09 Disinfectants and Asthma
V19N4 Fall 2008 New Consensus Statement of Work-Related Asthma
V19N3 Summer 2008 Asthma Mortality
V19N2 Spring 2008 Respiratory Hazards in the Automotive Industry
V19N1 Winter 2007-08 Lung Disease and Waterproofing Sprays
V18N4 Fall 2007 Microwave Popcorn Lung
V18N3 Summer 2007 Excerpts from the 2006 Annual Reports
V18N2 Spring 2007 Diagnosing Work-Related Asthma
V18N1 Winter 2006-07 Long Term Follow-up of Work-Related Asthma Patients
V17N4 Fall 2006 Reducing the Burden of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
V17N3 Summer 2006 Excerpts from the 2005 Annual Reports
V17N2 Spring 2006 "B" Readers
V17N1 Winter 2005-06 Putting Data To Work: Occupational Health Indicators
V16N4 Fall 2005 Occupational Asthma-What's New
V16N3 Summer 2005 Excerpts from the 2004 Annual Reports
V16N2 Spring 2005 Development of Work-Related Asthma from Skin Exposure
V16N1 Winter 2004-2005 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
V15N4 Fall 2004 New Software for use with a Peak Flow Meter to Diagnose Work-Related Asthma
V15N3 Summer 2004 Excerpts from the 2003 Annual Reports
V15N2 Spring 2004 Occupational/Environmental Medicine Resources
V15N1 Winter 2003-04 Resources for Work-Related Asthma
V14N4 Fall 2003 Fatal Work-Related Asthma
V14N3 Summer 2003 Excerpts from the 2002 Annual Reports
V14N2 Spring 2003 "Toxic Mold"
V14N1 Winter 2002-03 Work-Aggravated Asthma
V13N4 Fall 2002 Acute Traumatic Fatalities in Michigan
V13N3 Summer 2002 Excerpts from the 2001 Annual Reports
V13N2 Spring 2002 Asthma: The Numbers
V13N1 Winter 2001-02 Asthma and Welding
V12N4 Fall 2001 What's the Diagnosis of that Patient...
V12N3 Summer 2001 Excerpts from the 2000 Annual Reports
V12N2 Spring 2001 Normal values for blood lead
V12N1 Winter 2000-01 Workers' Compensation and Asthma
V11N4 Fall 2000 Outdoor Air Pollution and Asthma
V11N3 Summer 2000 Highlights from the 1999 Annual Reports on Occupational Diseases in Michigan
V11N2Spring 2000 Work Place Inspections
V11N1 Winter 1999-2000 Kidney Disease and Silicosis
V10N4 Fall 1999 Preventing Latex Allergy in Health Care Facilities
V10N3 Summer 1999 Highlights from the 1998 Annual Reports on Occupational Disease in Michigan
V10N2 Spring 1999 Work Related Respiratory Disease With Normal Tests for Hyper-reactivity
V10N1Winter 1998-99 Respiratory Disease Among Farmers
V9N4 Fall 1998 Work Related Asthma: Confirming the Medical Hx
V9N3 Summer 1998 What Can Work-Related Asthma Teach Us About Asthma in General
V9N2 Spring 1998 Highlights from 1997 OD Report
V9N1 Winter 1997-98 Building Related Asthma
V8N4 Fall 1997 Cleaning Products
V8N3 Summer 1997 Highlights from 1996 OD Report
V8N2 Spring 1997 Isocyanate-Induced Asthma


Now Hear This Quarterly Newsletters

V12N4 Winter 2009-10  Final Issue of Now Hear This
V12N3 Fall 2009 Jobs that Require a Minimum Level of Hearing
V12N2 Summer 2009 Noise and Blood Pressure
V12N1 Spring 2009 Characteristics of Individuals with More Severe Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
V11N4 Winter 2008-09 Hearing Loss in the Orchestra
V11N3 Fall 2008 Exposure to Work-Related Noise In Teenagers
V11N2 Summer 2008 Early Predictors of Hearing Loss
V11N1 Spring 2008 Twenty-Five Percent of Hearing Loss Caused by Noise at Work
V10N3 Fall 2007 Noisy Work But No Workplace Hearing Conservation Program
V10N2 Summer 2007 Excerpts from the 2006 Annual Report
V10N1 Spring 2007 What is the best way to teach a patient how to use hearing protection?
V9N4 Winter 2006-07 Motivating Individuals to Wear Hearing Protection
V9N3 Fall 2006 Review of Hearing Loss Research at NIOSH
V9N2 Summer 2006 Excerpts from the 2005 Annual Report
V9N1 Spring 2006 Noise and Military Service
V8N4 Winter 2005-06 OSHA Inspections for Noise
V8N3 Fall 2005 Hearing Loss in Construction Workers
V8N2 Summer 2005 Excerpts from the 2004 Annual Report
V8N1 Spring 2005 Hearing Loss Among DJs and Other Entertainment Workers
V7N4 Winter 2004-2005 Hearing Loss: The Numbers - Part II
V7N3 Fall 2004 Hearing Loss: The Numbers
V7N2 Summer 2004 Excerpts from the 2003 Annual Report
V7N1 Spring 2004 Noise and Blood Pressure
V6N4 Winter 2003-04 New AAA Position Statement on Preventing NIHL
V6N3 Fall 2003 Noise and the Pregnant Woman
V6N2 Summer 2003 Excerpts from the 2002 Annual Report
V6N1 Spring 2003 Chemically-Induced Hearing Loss
V5N4 Winter 2002-03 The ACOEM position statement on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
V5N3 Fall 2002 The Epidemiology of Occupational Hearing Loss
V5N2 Summer 2002 Excerpts from the 2001 Annual Report
V5N1 Spring 2002 Third in Three Part Series: Showcase on Preventing NIHL
V4N4 Winter 2001-02 Second in three part series: Preventing NIHL with coal miners
V4N3 Fall 2001 Noise Control IS Hearing Conservation
V4N2 Summer 2001 Excerpts from the 2000 Annual Reports
V4N1 Spring 2001 Occupational NIHL
V3N4 Winter 2000-01 Workers' Compensation and Hearing Loss
V3N3 Fall 2000 Noise, Hearing Impairment and Work-Related Trauma
V3N2 Summer 2000 Highlights from the 1999 Annual Report on Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Michigan
V3N1 Spring 2000 Work Place Inspections
V2N4 Fall 1999 Reporting, reporting, reporting...
V2N3 Summer 1999 Military Hearing Conservation Programs
Errata: Credit Omission - V1N3 Fall 1998
V2N2 Spring 1999 Highlights from the 1998 Annual Report
V2N1 Winter 1998-99 Hearing Conservation Programs
V1N3 Fall 1998 Noise Levels in Construction Industry Unregulated
V1N2 Spring 1998 Highlights from the 1997 Annual Report
V1N1 Winter 1998 Noise Induced Hearing Loss