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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 105 18-year-old truck driver died of multiple injuries after being crushed by a falling cement slab.
Case 107 26-year-old security guard was killed when a 60-foot overhead door section fell on him.
Case 139 47-year-old tree trimmer was killed when he was struck by a tree limb.
Case 20 45-year-old laborer was killed when he was struck by a road grader at a road construction site.
Case 215 27-year-old laborer for a tree trimming service died when the passenger side front tire of a GMC C8500 bucket truck that he was attempting to guide while it was backing into a parking space caught his foot and he was run over.
Case 306 64-year-old tree cutter died when the oak tree branch he was cutting had an uncontrolled fall, knocking the decedent upside down and then crushing him between the branch and the main trunk of the tree.
Case 315 36-year-old co-owner/operator of a small tree removal company died when the unsupported raised dump bed of a 1988 Ford F-600 dump truck came down unexpectedly, crushing him between the dump bed and the truck frame.
Case 316 36-year-old landscaping company mechanic died when he was struck by a trailer’s 20-pound stop block while lowering the trailer height.
Case 36 43-year-old truck driver dies after being trapped and crushed beneath a truck door.
Case 368 47-year-old foreman/flagman of a tree trimming crew was struck by a driver entering the work zone and died several weeks later from the injuries sustained at the time of the incident.
Case 371 52-year-old tractor trailer driver died when he was struck by the pup trailer of another semi when maneuvering in a sugar beet field.
Case 375 48-year-old landscape worker died when he was struck by a tree trunk he had felled.
Case 38 31-year-old man died after being struck by a falling tree while attempting to get out of the way of the falling tree.
Case 419 49-year-old tree removal company owner died when a limb split and fell onto the bucket of the bucket truck positioned 55 feet in the air causing him to be catapulted from the bucket.
Case 471 63-year-old refuse collector died when he was pinned by a passenger car against the side/rear of a 2009 Mack Rear Load Refuse trash truck.
Case 485 A 36-year-old landscape laborer died when a 20-inch diameter and approximately 20-foot long willow tree branch snapped off the trunk and fell to the ground, pinning the decedent against the controls of a machine he was operating.
Case 507 27-year-old refuse collector died when he was struck and pinned against a garbage truck by a pickup truck.
Case 516 36-year-old loader operator on foot at a waste transfer station was struck by a front-end loader operating in reverse.
Case 81 50-year-old chain saw operator for a tree service died when he was pinned between a tree and tire of a Hydro Ax .