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CASE images/MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 156 35-year-old owner of a tree trimming service was electrocuted while cutting a large branch from a tree.
Case 163 22-year-old tree trimmer electrocuted while trimming branches from a pine tree that was overgrown into a 4,800-volt power line.
Case 171 29-year-old supervisor for a landscaping and tree-trimming firm was electrocuted when an energized power line broke, fell to the ground, and the current passed through the dew-covered grass.
Case 236 36-year-old male foreman for a tree trimming service was electrocuted when he contacted a live, 4,800-volt power line that had fallen to the ground.
Case 284 46-year-old owner of a tree trimming/stump removal business died when he contacted an energized overhead power line of unknown voltage.
Case 338 23-year-old tree trimmer died when his upper back contacted an energized C-phase 7,980-volt overhead power line.
Case 403 30-year-old carpenter was electrocuted when the arm of the 125-foot JLG contacted an energized 7,200 volt overhead power line while washing a silo.
Case 487 A 57-year-old landscaping firm truck driver was electrocuted when he touched an energized conductor while standing next to his truck.
Case 72 41-year-old self-employed male was electrocuted when he touched a truck door that was energized due to the truck’s crane contacting an energized 7600-volt overhead powerline.