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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 111 25-year-old lineman was electrocuted when he contacted a 40,000 volt energized chain.
Case 115 34-year-old journeyman electrician was fatally electrocuted when he contacted bus bars energized to 7,200 Kvs while walking on the steel structure of a new, non-energized electrical substation.
Case 12 53-year-old roofer dies when aluminum ladder contacts an overhead power line.
Case 130 57-year-old master electrician was electrocuted after contacting 12,447 volts when working in a switchgear cubicle installing the control wiring for the new generator building.
Case 138 27-year-old vinyl siding installer died when he contacted a 7,000-volt energized powerline with his hands.
Case 155 66-year-old male volunteer was electrocuted when he contacted an un-insulated 4,800-volt overhead power line.
Case 16 41-year-old owner/operator of an eavestrough sales and installation company was electrocuted when the aluminum ladder he was holding contacted a bare 7200-volt powerline.
Case 162 33-year-old carpenter was electrocuted while carrying a 28-foot extended aluminum extension ladder that contacted an overhead primary 4500-volt power line located approximately 19 feet from a residence under construction.
Case 172 42-year-old male painter was electrocuted when the aluminum extension ladder that he and the company owner were repositioning contacted an overhead primary 13,200-volt electrical power line.
Case 185 44-year-old construction laborer was electrocuted when he contacted an energized crawler excavator.
Case 198 43-year-old concrete poured wall construction company owner was electrocuted while attempting to extinguish his truck’s tire fire caused by an energized 7,200-volt power line lying on the truck.
Case 199 33-year-old journeyman lineman was killed when the cross arm of a 35-foot section of a wood power pole he was topping landed on his back, pinning him to the elevated bucket.
Case 200 57-year-old supervisor/foreman/lineman for an electric cooperative died when he contacted a 7,200-volt live electric line while attempting to change a fuse on a power pole.
Case 220 56-year-old company owner died when he contacted a live electrical line carrying 220 volts while replacing a well pump.
Case 221 34-year-old construction laborer electrocuted during demolition activities of a light industrial building.
Case 242 49-year-old male welder for a boardwalk construction firm died from a probable electrocution due to contact with 120 volts while preparing to conduct a shielded metal arc weld on a guardrail system for a floating dock.
Case 26 21-year-old painter was electrocuted when the aluminum extension ladder he was repositioning to paint a residence contacted an overhead 4800-volt energized electrical line
Case 264 46-year-old data technician/field operations supervisor/safety officer for a telecommunications company was electrocuted when he contacted 277 volts of electricity while relocating television monitors and associated cabling.
Case 267 60-year-old plumber was electrocuted when he contacted a 120-volt energized electrical source while removing existing water pipes in the crawl space of a single-family residence.
Case 300 50-year-old roofer was fatally electrocuted when the 40-foot aluminum extension ladder he and a coworker were extending contacted a 7,600-volt overhead power line.
Case 317 26-year-old carpenter was electrocuted when the 20-foot aluminum extension ladder he was using to lift low hanging cable lines contacted an energized 7,600 KV power line.
Case 330 39-year-old volunteer died when he was electrocuted after contacting an energized 7,200 volt power line while erecting a scaffold.
Case 382 40-year-old master electrician was electrocuted while working with 480-volt energized wires (3-3/0 AWG and ground wire) from a newly installed junction box near the floor.
Case 412 35-year-old welder was electrocuted while welding on the underside of a dock while lying on his back on a floating platform.
Case 424 37-year-old concrete finisher was electrocuted when the handle of the 29-foot-long metal bull float he was using contacted an energized 7,200 volt power line.
Case 435 36-year-old gutter installer died when he was electrocuted by an ungrounded 7000/8750-watt portable generator located inside the back of a box truck.
Case 449 44-year-old journeyman electrical lineman was electrocuted when he contacted an overhead wire energized 7,600 KV to ground.
Case 465 45-year-old electrical transformer technician died from complications following contact with a 4,800-volt energized wire/parts while reaching for a crescent wrench he had dropped in a buss duct.
Case 51 22-year-old truck driver was electrocuted while standing on the ground when his truck’s raised dump box contacted an energized 69,000-volt overhead power line.
Case 528 19-year-old apprentice was installing 277-volt LED lighting assemblies in an office when he contacted a live conductor and was electrocuted.
Case 53 23-year-old ironworker was electrocuted while operating a rough terrain fork truck that made contact with a 4800-volt overhead power line.
Case 533 53-year-old male journeyman substation technician was electrocuted by induced voltage from a nearby 345KV energized line when removing the ground wire from a de-energized line.
Case 69 27-year-old construction laborer was electrocuted when the top of a 27-foot aluminum hoist he was carrying contacted an energized 7200-volt overhead power line.
Case 77 28-year-old male roofer was electrocuted while in workshop.
Case 79 47-year-old commercial tech electrician died when he contacted an electrical cable energized with 240 volts, 50 amps.
Case 84 41-year-old construction worker was electrocuted while guiding a metal culvert in a trench when the excavator made contact with a 7,200-volt overhead power line.
Case 92 32-year-old asbestos abatement worker was electrocuted by a 120-volt energized source.
Case 94 43-year-old worker was electrocuted while holding onto steel joists being moved with a boom crane.