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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 125 38-year-old construction equipment operator died when an explosion occurred while he was cutting pipes on top of a 400 gallon oil storage tank with a Partner K950 gas powered chop saw.
Case 211 42-year-old construction laborer died when the gases in the 6,000-gallon underground diesel storage tank he was cutting ignited and caused an explosion.
Case 336 48-year-old plumber/pipefitter died when methane gas emitted from an active sewage digester tank was ignited by another contractor’s cutting torch while conducting demolition work in a digester tank.
Case 380 37-year-old sheet metal laborer died of smoke and soot inhalation complications as a result of a fire.
Case 455 36-year-old pipefitter died when purging with natural gas, the 1-inch gas line feeding a 2nd floor unit exploded.