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Motor Vehicle

CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 110 54-year-old road construction laborer was killed when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle operated by a driver who was intoxicated.
Case 13 54-year-old truck driver was killed when a pre-cast sewer-manhole cone and its base tipped off the forks of a front-end loader pinning him between the bed of his flat bed semi truck and the 2,500 lb cone.
Case 131 34-year-old male construction laborer was killed by an oncoming vehicle after stepping out into the oncoming traffic lane to sweep debris from a travel (live) lane.
Case 18 48-year-old heavy equipment operator was killed when he was run over by a fuel truck.
Case 19 77-year-old truck driver killed when run over by a delivery truck at a construction site.
Case 210 45-year-old construction business owner died when he was pinned between a dump truck and a box truck used for tool storage.
Case 224 61-year-old truck driver died when he was struck by a 3,770-pound precast concrete panel that fell from a semi-truck trailer.
Case 225 54-year-old road commission foreman died when he was run over by a backing 2004 Freightliner dump truck.
Case 237 61-year-old male draftsman for a civil engineering firm was conducting survey work in a road's right of way when he was struck and killed by a vehicle.
Case 302 27-year-old road surveyor died when he was struck by a vehicle entering a work zone.
Case 310 41-year-old carpenter died when the steel guardrail he was carrying was struck by a vehicle, causing him to be propelled into an outrigger of a nearby piece of equipment.
Case 320 61-year-old co-owner of a concrete company died when he was struck by a vehicle backing out of a garage at a high rate of speed and dragged approximately 100 feet.
Case 341 45-year-old paver/construction laborer died due to compressional asphyxia when the raised truck bed on a 1986 Chevrolet utility dump truck he was working under came down and pinned him between the truck bed and truck chassis.
Case 362 21-year-old roadway construction traffic regulator died when he was struck by a pickup truck operated by a motorist.
Case 390 44-year-old Hispanic laborer died when he was struck by a van entering a highway work zone.
Case 40 35-year-old electrician was killed while changing lights in an overhead traffic signal when the boom supporting the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform he was working from was struck by a semi-truck.
Case 400 45-year-old foreman of a sign hanger crew died while taking a picture of a finished business mileage sign.
Case 491 20-year-old asphalt construction worker died when he was struck and run over by an asphalt truck driving in reverse.
Case 492 57-year-old construction operating engineer died when he was struck by a vehicle entering the work zone during a night shift work operation.
Case 496 20-year-old drilling company technician died when he was struck by a vehicle while working in the front yard of a residence.
Case 5 45-year-old grade checker died after being struck by a dump truck tailgate.
Case 511 44-year-old underground equipment locating field manager died when he was struck by a vehicle while taking a drilling depth measurement in an active roadway.
Case 64 61-year-old inspector died when he was run over by large off-road dump truck at a roadway construction site.