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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 1 41-year-old millwright died after falling 30 feet through an unguarded 60-inch air duct in a dust collection plenum.
Case 104 53-year-old laborer died after stepping off a second floor platform edge and falling 12 feet to the concrete floor below.
Case 150 57-year-old machine repairman died when he fell to the floor from a platform while attempting to access the underside of a power press.
Case 157 43-year-old forklift operator was killed when the trailer he was boarding to unload pallets pulled away from the loading dock causing both the Hyster 55 forklift and the decedent to fall to the ground.
Case 182 46-year-old maintenance supervisor died as a result of a 30-foot fall through a roof to the concrete floor below.
Case 296 47-year-old head operator at a chemical manufacturing facility died when he fell approximately 30 feet to a lower level metal platform.
Case 309 27-year-old Hispanic manager at a recycling facility fell into the upper level shredder hopper and was killed by the rotating blades and knives.
Case 326 61-year-old maintenance laborer at a paper manufacturing company died when he fell from a ragger spool frame into a partially filled paper pulper tank in operation.
Case 386 31-year-old production supervisor died when he fell between 15 – 17 feet to packed dirt.
Case 389 41-year-old assembly line team leader died from head injuries sustained when his head struck a cabinet while working near a “chain on edge” vehicle conveyor assembly line.
Case 432 34-year-old pallet repairer died from complications of a fall injury he sustained walking in a 10-foot wide aisleway in a production area.
Case 441 65-year-old maintenance technician died from an 18-20 foot fall from a 2-inch by 2-inch square utility beam.
Case 501 60-year-old sawmill owner died when he slipped and fell from the cab of a front-end loader.
Case 71 52-year-old printing shop bindery operator tripped, bumped his rib cage on a bindery machine, and died one week later.