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Struck By

CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 166 26-year-old sales manager/certified mechanic of a retail automotive parts supplier was killed when the van he was servicing fell onto him.
Case 479 20-year-old heavy equipment operator died when an upright wing of trail grooming equipment fell and struck him after he removed a pin on a safety chain holding the wing in an upright position.
Case 517 24-year-old powered industrial truck mechanic died when a powered industrial truck raised by the forks of another powered industrial truck fell on him.
Case 530  30-year-old male crane service technician died when struck by and caught in between a steel girder and the motor housing/brake cover of an overhead crane.
Case 535 65-year-old male shaker-board worker for an oil change business died when he was struck by a vehicle that swerved over a street curb while standing on the grass at the edge of a busy street.