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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 201 38-year-old fire fighter died when he was pinned by debris from a roof collapse.
Case 260 68-year-old Fire Chief died when he fell and struck his head on the concrete fire station floor.
Case 314 58-year-old truck driver for a road commission died due to positional asphyxia when his Peterbilt tandem dump truck spreading recycled asphalt at a “T” intersection tipped over onto its right side.
Case 333 29-year-old career probationary fire fighter was killed in a building collapse at commercial structure fire.
Case 374 48-year-old truck driver died when he was run over by a 2006 Mack dump truck while tapping the brake drum to free the passenger-side rear brake.
Case 460 47-year-old road commission worker was crushed when the backup vehicle struck him and his coworker, pinning him against the rear of the lead asphalt truck.
Case 506 30- year-old male police officer was struck by a motor vehicle.