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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 234 47-year-old male automobile loader died while installing the second of two bridge plates between two railroad cars.
Case 247 74-year-old male supervisor for a distribution warehouse had an unwitnessed fall from a ladder stand as he was taking down an 8-foot long, cord and plug fluorescent light fixture located over a shelving rack.
Case 31 58-year-old truck driver died after falling from a large, stationary dump truck.
Case 436 62-year-old laborer died when he fell approximately 18-20 feet from a fruit storage crate raised by a forklift.
Case 45 38-year-old truck driver was asphyxiated when he was buried in processed human waste sludge at a landfill.
Case 488 A 72-year-old mechanic died from injuries sustained in an approximate 3.5-foot fall from a semi-tractor cab secured on the bed of a parked low-boy trailer.
Case 503 55-year-old pallet repairer died from complications of a fall to a cement floor.
Case 519 64-year-old front end loader operator fell while stepping into or from the loader cab and/or ascending or descending the loader's fixed ladder.