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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 121 59-year-old truck driver was killed when he was pinned and crushed against a receiving dock wall by a truck backing up in the dock well.
Case 137 21-year-old airport baggage handler was struck and crushed by a mobile belt loader.
Case 141 59-year-old operating engineer for a heavy equipment company was killed while unloading a Genie JLG from a trailer.
Case 271 45-year-old forklift operator died of complications of being pinned between a forklift and a load of parts transported by another forklift operator.
Case 357 24-year-old ramp agent died when he was pinned by a 2001 Tug 660 Belt Loader Wide Body conveyor against a plane.
Case 378 23-year-old truck driver for a land clearing company died when the truck he was operating overturned, pinning him.
Case 67 49-year-old agricultural laborer died while working in a 30-foot diameter metal grain bin with the 15-foot sweep auger running.
Case 97 57-year-old mobile straddle stacker lift operator died from injuries he received from being run over by the wheels of a sliding chassis trailer.
Case 99 24-year-old railroad conductor/switcher on a spur railroad was killed when he was crushed between a derailed railroad car and a stationary concrete column.