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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 121 59-year-old truck driver was killed when he was pinned and crushed against a receiving dock wall by a truck backing up in the dock well.
Case 134 33-year-old truck driver was killed when he was run over by the duel wheels of a tractor while checking the air brake connections for an air leak between a tractor and trailer.
Case 137 21-year-old airport baggage handler was struck and crushed by a mobile belt loader.
Case 146 35-year-old truck driver was killed as he was walking across the parking/yard area in front of a loading dock and was struck from behind by another truck as it was exiting the area.
Case 161 18-year-old wingwalker/guideperson at an airport was killed when he was struck by a 65,000-pound Equi-Tech push back tractor tug.
Case 165 38-year-old lift truck driver in a frozen food distribution center was killed when several tons of frozen food that had been stored on racks fell onto him when the racks collapsed.
Case 188 69-year-old truck driver was killed when he was pinned between a 53-foot long trailer and a loading dock.
Case 204 52-year-old tow truck driver was killed when he was pinned under a vehicle he was attempting to jump start.
Case 206 33-year-old truck driver was killed when an 18-foot long 12-inch diameter water main pipes weighing 700 pounds fell from the forks of a front-end loader as the pipe was being unloaded from a trailer and struck him.
Case 212 27-year-old mechanic died when an air shock bag he was installing on the rear axle of a 35-passenter vehicle struck him.
Case 253 56-year-old truck driver sustained a fatal crush injury to his chest
Case 271 45-year-old forklift operator died of complications of being pinned between a forklift and a load of parts transported by another forklift operator.
Case 335 40-year-old truck driver died when he was struck by a semi tractor while in the parking lot of the shipping terminal.
Case 344 23-year-old truck driver died when he was pinned between two trailers at a transportation hub.
Case 357 24-year-old ramp agent died when he was pinned by a 2001 Tug 660 Belt Loader Wide Body conveyor against a plane.
Case 41 50-year-old truck driver died after being knocked off a tanker by an exploding hatch lid.
Case 433 65-year-old pipeline station operator died when he was struck by a train.
Case 473 60-year old tow truck operator died when a disabled bus fell onto him.
Case 47 60-year-old grain elevator worker died after being struck by a tote bag of black beans weighing approximately 2000 pounds.
Case 490 42-year-old manager of a vehicle towing company died when he was pinned against a tow truck lift fork and run over by a bus tire when the bus he was servicing was struck by a vehicle attempting to exit an expressway.
Case 56 69-year-old truck driver was crushed and killed when a bundle of steel rods from the load of eight bundles he was delivering to a manufacturing facility fell onto him.
Case 57 39-year-old truck driver was struck by a hose under pressure that came loose during a leak test of a tanker.
Case 502 41-year-old tow truck driver died when he was struck by a vehicle as he was securing a pickup truck on his flatbed tow truck.
Case 97 57-year-old mobile straddle stacker lift operator died from injuries he received from being run over by the wheels of a sliding chassis trailer.