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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 103 16-year-old died when the vehicle he was working under fell off the supports and crushed him.
Case 169 34-year-old warehouse clerk/forklift driver at a regional warehouse and transshipment area for a supermarket and general merchandise firm was killed when a powered industrial truck (PIT) with elevated forks struck a rack and tipped over on top of him
Case 184 19-year-old laborer at a grain elevator died due to complications from a fall into a railway car hopper containing corn that was in the process of being unloaded.
Case 192 60-year-old laborer was killed on a public roadway after being struck by a vehicle while driving a forklift that was transporting a cherry tank from the farm to a field located approximately one mile away.
Case 276 57-year-old owner of an automobile catalytic converter recycling company died when he fell from the top of a 12-filter dust collector while preparing the collector to be transported by a forklift.
Case 291 55-year-old truck driver for a food distributer died when he was crushed by a backing vehicle against a loading dock door.
Case 307 49-year-old produce broker was electrocuted by 480 volts when he reached in to adjust the temperature on a digital thermostat located inside a Knack 480-volt electrical control cabinet.
Case 313 28-year-old operator of a Trommel l screening machine died when he became entangled as he accessed an unguarded area to clean debris and/or adjust a conveyor belt.
Case 321 42-year-old temporary worker assigned crane operator duties died when steel beams fell from a stack and crushed his pelvis.
Case 414 23-year-old laborer was overcome and drowned when he entered a 10,500 gallon molasses tank to reposition a drain pipe.
Case 489 38-year-old recycling laborer fell from a steel packer weighing approximately 4,500 pounds and died when the packer dislodged from a 4-tine grappler, fell to the ground, rolled, and partially landed on him.
Case 524 26-year-old repair shop supervisor died when he was struck by a tire/rim assembly that separated during inflation of the tire.
Case 9 53-year-old sales manager was killed when he was struck by a wood board he used to assist in unloading a slag tub.