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College of Human Medicine

Motor Vehicle

MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
02MI040 Truck Driver Killed When Front-End Loader Secured by Chains on a Lowboy Trailer Broke Free and Rolled Onto Cab
02MI106 Highway Worker Killed by Passenger Vehicle While Setting Up Highway Work Zone Warning Signal
03MI005 Worker Dies As a Result of Being Struck and Pinned Between Two Vehicles While Repairing Potholes
04MI107 Engineering Technician Dies When Backed Over by Cement Mixer
06MI068 Surveyor Dies When Struck by Oncoming Car
07MI169 Supervisor/Foreman Struck by a Pickup Truck While Placing Channelizer Drum in Road
08MI040 Municipal Truck Driver Dies After Being Backed Over by Dump Truck
13MI136 Dump Truck Driver Entangled in Dump Box Power Take Off Driveline
13MI149 Truck Mechanic Pinned By Truck’s Sway Bar and Link
15MI110 Construction Laborer Working in Highway zone Struck by Van
18MI072 Field Manager Struck by Vehicle in Active Roadway While Taking Depth Measurement