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Struck By

CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 116 50-year-old independent contractor died from complications sustained at a logging site when a stray branch/falling tree struck him
Case 164 23-year-old logger died when he was crushed between a tree shear and a front-end loader frame.
Case 23 45-year-old tree trimming crewmember was killed when struck on head by falling tree.
Case 281 40-year-old co-owner of a logging firm died when he was struck by a falling tree.
Case 29 43-year-old logger died after being crushed by a falling tree.
Case 294 18-year-old farm hand died when he was engulfed in corn in a 20-foot wide by 64-foot high poured concrete silo.
Case 298 67-year-old farm hand died when he was struck by a 2006 Komatso WA 250 front-end loader with a 4-yard bucket measuring approximately 8 feet 10 inches in width while he was bent down cutting the strings on a bale of hay.
Case 312 23-year-old logger died when a large tree fell onto him.
Case 319 34-year-old co-owner of a logging business died when he was struck by a previously cut 22-inch diameter, 40-foot long tree limb.
Case 352 46-year-old male owner of a logging firm died when he was struck by a rotten section of a poplar tree he had just hand felled.
Case 353 44-year-old maintenance shop laborer died when he was struck by a non-seated pressurized tine rake tire he was servicing.
Case 420 54-year-old farmer died when unsecured wooden crates fell from the forks of a forklift attachment to the front of a Massey Ferguson 360 farm tractor and struck him.
Case 464 80-year-old farm hand died when a tree branch from the downed tree being moved by his tractor struck him.
Case 470

45-year-old farm laborer died when he was run over by a Dutz 3006 farm tractor and trailer.

Case 472

69-year-old farmer died when he was pinned between a 1967 Friday model cherry harvester and a barn wall.

Case 505 64-year-old farm hand died when she was struck/pinned by dairy cows and/or a bull while moving them from a penned area.
Case 522 35-year-old veterinarian died when he was buried under corn silage from an outdoor horizontal bunker silo at a dairy farm.
Case 526 56-year-old truck mechanic died when he was struck by the steel lever arm responsible for lifting and lowering a logging trailer axle which broke at the pivot point due to an uncontrolled expanding air lift bag system.
Case 2022-010 38 year-old head milker struck by wheel loader at night.
Case 2022-028 23 year-old field worker struck by falling tree.