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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 122 36-year-old truck driver for a traveling carnival was killed when he was caught between a 28-foot long, 14,000 pound trailer fender wall and trailer tire while loading the trailer with a disassembled carnival ride.
Case 2 58-year-old maintenance man died after falling into 8 feet of water while performing maintenance on marina dock.
Case 223 36-year-old racetrack volunteer died after falling from a platform attached to the back of a pickup truck responding to a crash on the racetrack.
Case 255 26-year-old laborer/hunt guide died when he fell approximately 40 feet through an open 45-inch by 30-inch trap door/chute
Case 275 41-year-old carnival worker contacted a 4800-volt overhead power line while disassembling a carnival ride.
Case 369 48-year-old fire chief for a hunting club drowned when the small flat-bottom boat he was piloting capsized.
Case 370 34-year-old production control laborer died when he was struck by the manifold of a prototype aluminum fuel distribution system that exploded.
Case 418 49-year-old racetrack safety crewmember died when he was struck by a racecar while on the track directing traffic under “caution” conditions.
Case 478 55-year-old country club co-owner died when he fell approximately 17 feet from a ladder while cutting a lilmb from a tree.
Case 482 65-year-old park ranger died when his JD Gator XUV 625i was struck broadside by a snowmobile while grooming a ski trail.
Case 60 44-year-old maintenance technician died while replacing light bulbs on a carnival ride sign.
Case 2022-015 65-year-old Racetrack Flagman Struck by Race Car