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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 142 53-year-old part owner of a paving company was killed when he was pinned under the operator cage of a skid-steer loader while performing machine maintenance.
Case 153 53-year-old machine operator was killed when the SP-48 Ingersoll-Rand Series Vibratory Compactor he was operating overturned and landed on top of him.
Case 203 75-year-old owner of a plumbing and heating company was killed when he was pinned under a bulldozer, which tipped and landed on him as he was loading it onto a trailer.
Case 22 21-year-old crew leader killed when a rough terrain forklift he was driving turned over backwards and landed on him.
Case 222 51-year-old crew supervisor died as a result of a 6036 Skytrack rough terrain forklift overturn to the side.
Case 273 37-year-old construction worker died when he was pinned between the basket of the boom lift in which he was working and a horizontal ceiling beam.
Case 28 49-year-old snowplow/salt-truck driver died after being hit by a road grader in a parking facility.
Case 280 34-year-old farm hand died when he was run over by a Model 555 Ford backhoe tractor while installing agricultural drain tiles in a field.
Case 289 57-year-old excavating crew supervisor died when he was crushed by a moving Volvo EC 360 excavator.
Case 3 32-year-old male died during installation of decorative cylindrical columns on to existing square columns on new building exterior.
Case 337 25-year-old laborer for an excavation company died when he was backed over by a Takeuchi TL 130 skid steer.
Case 341 45-year-old paver/construction laborer died due to compressional asphyxia when the raised truck bed on a 1986 Chevrolet utility dump truck he was working under came down and pinned him between the truck bed and truck chassis.
Case 365 42-year-old county road commission foreman died when he was run over by a Cat Model 140M2 road grader.
Case 387 40-year-old labor/operator for a site preparation contractor died when he was struck by a JCB 214e Series 4 backhoe loader bucket when the backhoe loader slid down the bank of an excavation.
Case 443 38-year-old foreman died when he was crushed between an elevated aerial lift basket and a piece of angle iron.
Case 50 43-year-old craft foreman crane operator was killed when the butt section of the jib on a Manitowoc 250 Luffing crane fell on him.
Case 53 23-year-old ironworker was electrocuted while operating a rough terrain fork truck that made contact with a 4800-volt overhead power line.
Case 536 59-year-old male owner of a barn restoration company died when a fifth-wheel dump lowered and pinned him against the trailer frame due to a hydraulic line leak.
Case 74 46-year-old foreman was killed when he was entangled in a 10-foot silo auger.
Case 85 52-year-old man died while unloading a 40-foot aerial boom lift truck from a dual axle trailer with two flip ramps mounted on the back.
Case 2022-001 29-year-old Steel Worker Crushed Operating Extendable Boom Forklift