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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 109 50-year-old construction laborer was killed when a piece of frozen soil broke off during a trench excavation operation and struck him in the back.
Case 110 54-year-old road construction laborer was killed when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle operated by a driver who was intoxicated.
Case 113 47-year-old chain saw operator killed by a tree that fell in an unexpected direction.
Case 117 45-year-old owner of a gutter installation company died after falling 30 feet from a rough terrain forklift platform.
Case 125 38-year-old construction equipment operator died when an explosion occurred while he was cutting pipes on top of a 400 gallon oil storage tank with a Partner K950 gas powered chop saw.
Case 128 79-year-old volunteer helping to install vinyl siding on a church addition died after a 4-tier, 20-foot high tubular welded frame steel scaffold fell and struck his head.
Case 129 49-year-old printer was killed while raising a foyer wall at a residential construction site.
Case 13 54-year-old truck driver was killed when a pre-cast sewer-manhole cone and its base tipped off the forks of a front-end loader pinning him between the bed of his flat bed semi truck and the 2,500 lb cone.
Case 131 34-year-old male construction laborer was killed by an oncoming vehicle after stepping out into the oncoming traffic lane to sweep debris from a travel (live) lane.
Case 140 56-year-old painter was struck in the head by a falling gutter.
Case 143 41-year-old worker was killed when the sides of the trench in which he was working collapsed on him and a fellow worker.
Case 147 29-year-old Hispanic laborer was killed when he was crushed by a trench wall cave-in while installing water service.
Case 15 43-year-old plumber died when trench walls collapsed while locating the tap into the mainline sewer.
Case 168 35-year-old male truck driver emptying his trailer load was killed when a nearby gravel trailer located six feet away collapsed onto his tractor cab.
Case 18 48-year-old heavy equipment operator was killed when he was run over by a fuel truck.
Case 183 37-year-old construction laborer died when he was struck by a resin-impregnated tube during its removal from an underground sewer pipe.
Case 186 55-year-old electrician died when the bridge of a pendant-controlled overhead crane struck the self-propelled elevating work platform in which he was elevated.
Case 189 41-year-old iron worker was critically injured when a steel beam struck his head after he and the 300 pound cantilevered beam he had been sitting on fell approximately 14 feet. He died several weeks later in the hospital.
Case 19 77-year-old truck driver killed when run over by a delivery truck at a construction site.
Case 190 28-year-old ironworker was killed when the frame of a falsework support tower for a skeleton structure for a ramp to a toll plaza under construction collapsed and struck him.
Case 194 45-year-old truck driver/feller/crew leader for a road commission died when he was struck by a falling tree limb as he retreated from the tree after felling it with a chain saw.
Case 195 48-year-old heavy equipment operator/foreman was killed when an elevated 18-foot long, 3,500 pound dump box of a truck that was being supported by a 3/8-inch chain and front end loader dislodged from the chain and fell onto him.
Case 203 75-year-old owner of a plumbing and heating company was killed when he was pinned under a bulldozer, which tipped and landed on him as he was loading it onto a trailer.
Case 21 35-year-old laborer wearing a hard hat was killed when a brick weighing nearly 18 pounds fell approximately 115 feet and struck his head.
Case 210 45-year-old construction business owner died when he was pinned between a dump truck and a box truck used for tool storage.
Case 218 36-year-old Hispanic construction laborer died when an excavation collapsed.
Case 222 51-year-old crew supervisor died as a result of a 6036 Skytrack rough terrain forklift overturn to the side.
Case 224 61-year-old truck driver died when he was struck by a 3,770-pound precast concrete panel that fell from a semi-truck trailer.
Case 225 54-year-old road commission foreman died when he was run over by a backing 2004 Freightliner dump truck.
Case 229 44-year-old roofer died from complications of a head injury sustained in 2008 when the jib of a 30-ton Grove truck crane fell and struck his head.
Case 237 61-year-old male draftsman for a civil engineering firm was conducting survey work in a road's right of way when he was struck and killed by a vehicle.
Case 24 18-year-old carpenter killed when 10-foot excavation wall collapsed burying him.
Case 244 40-year-old male owner of a plumbing, heating and cooling company died when the 12-foot deep excavation he was working in collapsed.
Case 249 50-year-old male carpenter for a home renovation company died when a 6-foot-long by 9-foot-high by 20-inch-wide masonry large boulders/fieldstone wall located in the basement of a 100-year-old home collapsed and fell onto him.
Case 256 61-year-old brick mason died when he was struck by a collapsing 38-foot-high, 100-foot-long tubular welded scaffold that was overloaded with block
Case 257 58-year-old equipment operator/laborer for an excavating and construction company was crushed when the walls of a trench collapsed while he was installing a sewer line to a home under construction.
Case 289 57-year-old excavating crew supervisor died when he was crushed by a moving Volvo EC 360 excavator.
Case 302 27-year-old road surveyor died when he was struck by a vehicle entering a work zone.
Case 310 41-year-old carpenter died when the steel guardrail he was carrying was struck by a vehicle, causing him to be propelled into an outrigger of a nearby piece of equipment.
Case 320 61-year-old co-owner of a concrete company died when he was struck by a vehicle backing out of a garage at a high rate of speed and dragged approximately 100 feet.
Case 323 56-year-old public works laborer died when an 8-foot excavation wall collapsed while he was repairing a leaking water main.
Case 324 33-year-old carpenter/laborer died from head injuries sustained when struck by a 3-inch by 0.131 smooth nail from a Model F350S Paslode nail gun.
Case 337 25-year-old laborer for an excavation company died when he was backed over by a Takeuchi TL 130 skid steer.
Case 341 45-year-old paver/construction laborer died due to compressional asphyxia when the raised truck bed on a 1986 Chevrolet utility dump truck he was working under came down and pinned him between the truck bed and truck chassis.
Case 346 50-year old general construction laborer died when he was struck by a structural steel I-beam/guardrail assembly that fell from a flatbed trailer.
Case 35 23-year-old millwright killed when a part he was unloading from the bed of a semi trailer fell onto him.
Case 362 21-year-old roadway construction traffic regulator died when he was struck by a pickup truck operated by a motorist.
Case 364 59-year-old excavating company owner died in a trench collapse.
Case 365 42-year-old county road commission foreman died when he was run over by a Cat Model 140M2 road grader.
Case 384 38-year-old supervisor died when a floor collapsed on top of him during demolition activities.
Case 387 40-year-old labor/operator for a site preparation contractor died when he was struck by a JCB 214e Series 4 backhoe loader bucket when the backhoe loader slid down the bank of an excavation.
Case 390 44-year-old Hispanic laborer died when he was struck by a van entering a highway work zone.
Case 393 55-year-old tree helper/grounds person died when he was struck by a tree branch during a tree trimming operation at a golf course.
Case 394 47-year-old Hispanic pipe layer died in a trench wall collapse.
Case 397 62-year-old Caterpillar Model 320 excavator operator died when a 45-47 foot long, 25-inch diameter oak tree fell on the cab of the excavator.
Case 399 42-year-old excavator operator was struck by a falling tree and died from complications of blunt head trauma.
Case 40 35-year-old electrician was killed while changing lights in an overhead traffic signal when the boom supporting the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform he was working from was struck by a semi-truck.
Case 400 45-year-old foreman of a sign hanger crew died while taking a picture of a finished business mileage sign.
Case 443 38-year-old foreman died when he was crushed between an elevated aerial lift basket and a piece of angle iron.
Case 454 39-year-old Hispanic owner of a landscape/paver business died when a saw kicked back and struck his neck.
Case 480 54-year-old Hispanic landscaping laborer died when the roof of a carport/garage combination being demolished fell onto him.
Case 481 30-year-old laborer died when a 7-8-foot deep trench wall collapsed.
Case 491 20-year-old asphalt construction worker died when he was struck and run over by an asphalt truck driving in reverse.
Case 492 57-year-old construction operating engineer died when he was struck by a vehicle entering the work zone during a night shift work operation.
Case 493 48-year-old construction laborer died when he was struck by a 2" x 10" x 16' wood scaffold plank that fell from the roof of an eight-story building.
Case 494 39-year-old laborer died in a trench collapse.
Case 495 50-year-old construction laborer was struck by a cast iron plate at the end of a traveling grate spreader stoker chain being dismantled.
Case 496 20-year-old drilling company technician died when he was struck by a vehicle while working in the front yard of a residence.
Case 5 45-year-old grade checker died after being struck by a dump truck tailgate.
Case 50 43-year-old craft foreman crane operator was killed when the butt section of the jib on a Manitowoc 250 Luffing crane fell on him.
Case 511 44-year-old underground equipment locating field manager died when he was struck by a vehicle while taking a drilling depth measurement in an active roadway.
Case 512 62-year-old journeyman electrician died when a 40-gang meter bank fell away from a wall and landed on him.
Case 64 61-year-old inspector died when he was run over by large off-road dump truck at a roadway construction site.
Case 68 73-year-old male construction laborer was killed when an unsupported concrete block wall collapsed onto him.
Case 78 44-year-old laborer was killed when the scaffold platform he was working from fell, and the 183-pound hoist motor he had been using to raise and lower a corner of the platform fell on him.
Case 82 18-year-old construction laborer died when a steel joist girder he was preparing to be lifted by a crane fell onto him.
Case 93 24-year-old construction worker was buried when an excavation in which he was working collapsed onto him.
Case 2022-003 35 year-old laborer dies after being struck by a bulldozer.