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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 106 30-year-old manufacturing engineer died when he was struck in the chest/head by a lid of a compression former that exploded while under pressure.
Case 119 30-year-old truck driver/operating engineer for a concrete company was killed when he was pinned between the bucket of the front-end loader he had been operating and a stationary batch conveyor.
Case 123 23-year-old forklift operator was killed when he attempted to stop a towed forklift truck from striking a personal vehicle.
Case 124 52-year-old shake out man/chain operator for a 50-ton overhead crane was killed when he was struck by a moving 12,000 pound mold and pinned against an adjacent mold, and then thrown to the floor.
Case 126 36-year-old production operator was killed as a result of a pressure vessel explosion.
Case 136 33-year-old engineer and owner of a metal fabrication company died when the forklift he was charging with a battery charger lurched rearward and ran over him.
Case 145 42-year-old tool and die maker died after being pinched between a rack of parallel spacers and a 47,000-pound die that was being moved by an overhead crane.
Case 160 54-year-old machine operator was killed when a 9-foot steel beam weighing 2,500 pounds rolled on a cart causing the cart to tip allowing the beam to fall onto his lower extremities.
Case 170 46-year-old finish “floor man” died when several 2-foot 5/8-inch diameter, 29-foot long steel bars landed on her back while she was leaning over bar stock and reaching in to turn off a pneumatic valve connected to the air hose to banding equipment.
Case 191 49-year-old supervisor at steel processing firm died when a 3/4-inch steel wire coil weighing 2987-pounds and measuring 3.5 feet tall by 3 feet wide became uncoiled after he cut or removed a piece of banding that was holding it together.
Case 196 50-year-old truck driver was killed when he was lowering a warehouse dock board into place while preparing to unload pallets of finished product from a tractor-trailer to the warehouse facility.
Case 197 39-year-old die setter was killed when he was pinned between two bolster plates.
Case 202 57-year-old machinist who worked for a paper mill equipment service contractor was killed when he was struck by a paper roller end cap propelled by compressed air.
Case 213 60-year-old maintenance mechanic died when a 1,863-pound cleaner door fell onto him.
Case 227 41-year-old temporary agency laborer died when a 30-foot, 3,600-pound steel beam rack fell onto him.
Case 233 44-year-old male cabinet maker died when he was crushed by a load of loosely stacked lumber that fell from a powered industrial truck's forks.
Case 251 65-year-old truck driver died when he was crushed between a rotating Cat 322L excavator and a semi-tractor trailer
Case 282 29-year-old certified diesel mechanic died when he was struck by an exploding rim of a tractor-trailer tire.
Case 287 55-year-old press operator was struck by a 1,650 pound bag of pressed pigment as it fell from a mezzanine as he was walking beneath the mezzanine.
Case 30 47-year-old crane operator died after being crushed by a large steel coil.
Case 305 35-year-old supervisor at a steel mill died when he was crushed against the payoff mandrel of a slitter line machine by a 7, 397-pound “rewind” steel coil that fell from a coil cart.
Case 331 42-year-old die setter was fatally injured when he was struck by a falling 6,800-pound die.
Case 356 60-year-old shot blast operator died when a firm-built 632-pound steel plate guard fell on him.
Case 377 41-year-old loader crew leader died when she was struck and run over by a backing semi-tractor/trailer.
Case 381 63-year-old business owner died due to asphyxia when she was wedged between an electrical box and the business’s stationary security chain link fence after being struck by a moving motorized security gate.
Case 385 61-year-old crane operator trainee died when he was struck by a 9,400-pound bundle of steel round stock.
Case 389 41-year-old assembly line team leader died from head injuries sustained when his head struck a cabinet while working near a “chain on edge” vehicle conveyor assembly line.
Case 395 50-year-old laborer died when he was crushed by a concrete I-beam that tipped and fell onto him.
Case 406 56-year-old welding foreman was struck by the “door” of the empty metal rack that was being “flipped” by a powered industrial truck operator.
Case 431 35-year-old temporary worker crushed between mini-dumpster and a trash compactor.
Case 44 49-year-old shop foreman killed when struck by ice and roofing material after ice broke through a corrugated steel building roof.
Case 445 A 58-year-old who worked in maintenance died when struck by part of a pressurized stainless steel furnace door that ruptured.
Case 461 47-year-old welder died when an inverted 3,000-pound part fell onto him.
Case 463 64-year-old operator died when he was struck and run over by semi-tractor and/or semi-trailer he was moving from a Shipping/Receiving dock.
Case 468 45-year-old maintenance worker died when he was struck by an exploding muli-piece tire rim.
477 56-year-old steel bay attendant died when, after cutting the bands securing two unsupported steel coils together, one of the steel coils fell onto him.
Case 48 22-year-old foundry worker died after being struck by a piece of an unpurged/uncleaned empty metal 55-gallon drum that exploded while he was cutting it with a cutting torch.
Case 509 62-year-old heat treat operator died from complications of a cut/scratch sustained when he dropped either a carbon plate or a part onto his ankle.
Case 514 52-year-old manufacturing shift leader died when he was struck by a piece of 2.5-inch diameter metal tubing being cut by a tube cutting machine.
Case 515 61-year-old laborer died when she was struck by a 262-inch-long cast iron pipe that fell approximately 15 feet from ceiling height.
Case 534 64-year-old male supervisor at a recycling/alloy manufacturing facility was struck and run over by a front-end loader.
Case 70 27-year-old foreman was killed when a 13,000 pound steel plate he was staging came loose from the hoist slings and pinned him against another steel plate stack.
Case 8 43-year-old temporary worker was killed when he was struck by a roll-off dumpster being unloaded from a trailer.
Case 90 49-year-old job setter was struck and run over by a powered industrial truck in the yard of an automobile engine manufacturing plant.
Case 91 23-year-old male yardman died at a concrete prefabricating facility when he was struck in the head with a 10-inch PCE concrete extruder weighing approximately 9000 pounds being moved by an overhead crane.