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College of Human Medicine

Motor Vehicle

MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
05MI026 Tow Truck Operator Pinned Under Sport Utility Vehicle When Working Under It
05MI045 Tow Truck Operator Dies When Car Being Driven By Intoxicated Driver Leaves Road and Strikes Him
08MI095 Tow Truck Driver Dies When Pinned Under Car
09MI085 Truck Driver Struck by Semi-Tractor When Walking in Parking Lot
13MI019 Bus Driver Died While Attempting To Open Bus Doors While Bus Was Moving
14MI052 Truck Driver Died When He Was Struck By a Vehicle in a Hit-and-Run Incident
14MI122 Truck Driver Struck by Rear Tractor Tires When Semi Tractor Driven Forward
18MI002 Tow Truck Driver Securing Vehicle to Tow Bed Struck by SUV Driver