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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 1 41-year-old millwright died after falling 30 feet through an unguarded 60-inch air duct in a dust collection plenum.
Case 100 19-year-old janitor was killed when he became pinned between the mast of a Hyster Model H90XLS powered industrial truck and a dumpster.
Case 101 25-year-old worker died due to a drug overdose.
Case 104 53-year-old laborer died after stepping off a second floor platform edge and falling 12 feet to the concrete floor below.
Case 106 30-year-old manufacturing engineer died when he was struck in the chest/head by a lid of a compression former that exploded while under pressure.
Case 119 30-year-old truck driver/operating engineer for a concrete company was killed when he was pinned between the bucket of the front-end loader he had been operating and a stationary batch conveyor.
Case 120 59-year-old master electrician at a foundry was killed when he contacted 480-volt, 70-amp electrical system during troubleshooting a 10-ton bridge crane.
Case 123 23-year-old forklift operator was killed when he attempted to stop a towed forklift truck from striking a personal vehicle.
Case 124 52-year-old shake out man/chain operator for a 50-ton overhead crane was killed when he was struck by a moving 12,000 pound mold and pinned against an adjacent mold, and then thrown to the floor.
Case 126 36-year-old production operator was killed as a result of a pressure vessel explosion.
Case 135 46-year-old foreman died when a robot arm activated and he was pinned between the upper and lower die of a press.
Case 136 33-year-old engineer and owner of a metal fabrication company died when the forklift he was charging with a battery charger lurched rearward and ran over him.
Case 145 42-year-old tool and die maker died after being pinched between a rack of parallel spacers and a 47,000-pound die that was being moved by an overhead crane.
Case 150 57-year-old machine repairman died when he fell to the floor from a platform while attempting to access the underside of a power press.
Case 152 34-year-old truck driver was pinned under the forklift truck he had been operating.
Case 157 43-year-old forklift operator was killed when the trailer he was boarding to unload pallets pulled away from the loading dock causing both the Hyster 55 forklift and the decedent to fall to the ground.
Case 160 54-year-old machine operator was killed when a 9-foot steel beam weighing 2,500 pounds rolled on a cart causing the cart to tip allowing the beam to fall onto his lower extremities.
Case 170 46-year-old finish “floor man” died when several 2-foot 5/8-inch diameter, 29-foot long steel bars landed on her back while she was leaning over bar stock and reaching in to turn off a pneumatic valve connected to the air hose to banding equipment.
Case 174 53-year-old maintenance worker died of complications after he was crushed between two forklift trucks.
Case 175 26-year-old machine operator was crushed between the carriage and frame of a bench draw machine while manually resetting a pipe grip on the carriage.
Case 177 40-year-old male machine operator was killed when the hydraulically operated door of a shot blast machine closed while the decedent’s head and upper chest was inside the machine
Case 178 38-year-old male refrigeration technician died when an explosion occurred in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit
Case 179 48-year-old male maintenance supervisor was killed when he was pinned by a clam-shell car carrier against the floor of an overhead platform
Case 180 54-year-old journeyman electrician died of burn complications sustained in an arc flash while checking the fuse clips in a 480-volt distribution panel.
Case 181 52-year-old foreman/machine operator at a sheet plastic manufacturing company was burned while he while performing a routine check of a plastic extruder machine.
Case 182 46-year-old maintenance supervisor died as a result of a 30-foot fall through a roof to the concrete floor below.
Case 191 49-year-old supervisor at steel processing firm died when a 3/4-inch steel wire coil weighing 2987-pounds and measuring 3.5 feet tall by 3 feet wide became uncoiled after he cut or removed a piece of banding that was holding it together.
Case 196 50-year-old truck driver was killed when he was lowering a warehouse dock board into place while preparing to unload pallets of finished product from a tractor-trailer to the warehouse facility.
Case 197 39-year-old die setter was killed when he was pinned between two bolster plates.
Case 202 57-year-old machinist who worked for a paper mill equipment service contractor was killed when he was struck by a paper roller end cap propelled by compressed air.
Case 213 60-year-old maintenance mechanic died when a 1,863-pound cleaner door fell onto him.
Case 214 51-year-old toolmaker died when the second stage of a two-stage movable dowel pin inserter carriage was activated and descended on him, pinning his head between the carriage and a conveyor.
Case 216 46-year-old tool and die maker was crushed when a 3,200-pound lathe fell from a powered industrial truck.
Case 217 38-year-old floor technician died of a probable electrocution when he contacted a return water pipe attached to a boom for a glass melting electrode.
Case 227 41-year-old temporary agency laborer died when a 30-foot, 3,600-pound steel beam rack fell onto him.
Case 232 52-year-old forklift operator died due to crush injuries sustained while transporting a pallet of containers on the forks of a Crown Model 540 electric stand-up forklift.
Case 233 44-year-old male cabinet maker died when he was crushed by a load of loosely stacked lumber that fell from a powered industrial truck's forks.
Case 251 65-year-old truck driver died when he was crushed between a rotating Cat 322L excavator and a semi-tractor trailer
Case 262 45-year-old press operator at a steel plant died when his clothing became entangled and caught in a one-inch-wide nip point between a vertical stationary plate and the bottom/return side of a conveyor belt.
Case 266 44-year-old laborer died when he was crushed between stacker transfer and stacker frame while retrieving a piece of lumber that had fallen to the floor.
Case 269 58-year-old machine operator died when his clothing on his right arm became entangled on a part being turned on a lathe.
Case 272 52-year-old welder died when he was pinned between a slowly revolving 30-foot long by 12-foot diameter cylindrical and the frame of the feed rollers rotating the tank as he was exiting feet first through a 24-inch diameter manhole opening.
Case 282 29-year-old certified diesel mechanic died when he was struck by an exploding rim of a tractor-trailer tire.
Case 287 55-year-old press operator was struck by a 1,650 pound bag of pressed pigment as it fell from a mezzanine as he was walking beneath the mezzanine.
Case 290 37-year-old maintenance worker died when he was crushed against the machine frame by a lowering a steel coil belt wrapper arm as he was adjusting its belt.
Case 295 29-year-old field technician died due to contact to an energized seal tight conduit and attached load breakable disconnect plug.
Case 296 47-year-old head operator at a chemical manufacturing facility died when he fell approximately 30 feet to a lower level metal platform.
Case 30 47-year-old crane operator died after being crushed by a large steel coil.
Case 303 53-year-old forklift driver died when her Toyota forklift carrying two paper bales overturned to the side.
Case 304 46-year-old foreman at a plastic recycling facility died when his torso was crushed by the platens of a closing horizontal expansion molding press.
Case 305 35-year-old supervisor at a steel mill died when he was crushed against the payoff mandrel of a slitter line machine by a 7, 397-pound “rewind” steel coil that fell from a coil cart.
Case 309 27-year-old Hispanic manager at a recycling facility fell into the upper level shredder hopper and was killed by the rotating blades and knives.
Case 318 38-year-old robot weld technician died when he was pinned by the clamping mechanism of a transfer robot against a part in a buffer rack.
Case 326 61-year-old maintenance laborer at a paper manufacturing company died when he fell from a ragger spool frame into a partially filled paper pulper tank in operation.
Case 331 42-year-old die setter was fatally injured when he was struck by a falling 6,800-pound die.
Case 34 44-year-old machinist was electrocuted while repairing an electrical transfer machine.
Case 340 33-year-old laborer at a powder coating and e-coat firm died when a transfer cart pinned him between the leading edge of the transfer cart and a concrete curb at the bottom of a pit.
Case 342 31-year-old railroad remote control operator for a steel company died when molten iron which had spilled from a ladle contacted snow causing an explosion and fire.
Case 351 47-year-old factory maintenance worker died when he was entangled in the plastic drive gear of a food conveyor.
Case 356 60-year-old shot blast operator died when a firm-built 632-pound steel plate guard fell on him.
Case 359 23-year-old horizontal plastic injection mold machine (HPIMM) operator/material handler was crushed when he was inside the HPIMM adjusting a cardboard chute through the rear sliding door without lockout.
Case 363 34-year-old process technician cleaning a Van Dorn 1500 ton horizontal injection mold machine was crushed when another operator started the machine.
Case 37 32-year-old mechanic died from asphyxiation after being pinned in a rotary press.
Case 377 41-year-old loader crew leader died when she was struck and run over by a backing semi-tractor/trailer.
Case 379 52-year-old machine operator was crushed between the table and machine framing during the machine cycle while operating a Mori Seiki Model MV-Junior CNC machine.
Case 381 63-year-old business owner died due to asphyxia when she was wedged between an electrical box and the business’s stationary security chain link fence after being struck by a moving motorized security gate.
Case 385 61-year-old crane operator trainee died when he was struck by a 9,400-pound bundle of steel round stock.
Case 386 31-year-old production supervisor died when he fell between 15 – 17 feet to packed dirt.
Case 388 53-year-old waste treatment operator died when he was crushed between the plates of a filter press.
Case 389 41-year-old assembly line team leader died from head injuries sustained when his head struck a cabinet while working near a “chain on edge” vehicle conveyor assembly line.
Case 395 50-year-old laborer died when he was crushed by a concrete I-beam that tipped and fell onto him.
Case 404 57-year-old journeyman maintenance technician died when she was pinned between two parts while troubleshooting a robotic operation.
Case 406 56-year-old welding foreman was struck by the “door” of the empty metal rack that was being “flipped” by a powered industrial truck operator.
Case 409 44-year-old sanitation worker died when he was struck by mixing blades in a scrape surface steam jacketed mixing tank.
Case 411 36-year-old machine operator died when he was crushed between the platens of a 3,200 ton horizontal injection mold press.
Case 427 32-year-old quality control employee died when he was pinned between a rotary carousel and part of the platen framework of a thermal forming machine.
Case 431 35-year-old temporary worker crushed between mini-dumpster and a trash compactor.
Case 432 34-year-old pallet repairer died from complications of a fall injury he sustained walking in a 10-foot wide aisleway in a production area.
Case 44 49-year-old shop foreman killed when struck by ice and roofing material after ice broke through a corrugated steel building roof.
Case 441 65-year-old maintenance technician died from an 18-20 foot fall from a 2-inch by 2-inch square utility beam.
Case 445 A 58-year-old who worked in maintenance died when struck by part of a pressurized stainless steel furnace door that ruptured
Case 461 47-year-old welder died when an inverted 3,000-pound part fell onto him.
Case 463 64-year-old operator died when he was struck and run over by semi-tractor and/or semi-trailer he was moving from a Shipping/Receiving dock.
Case 468 45-year-old maintenance worker died when he was struck by an exploding multi-piece tire rim.
Case 477 56-year-old steel bay attendant died when, after cutting the bands securing two unsupported steel coils together, one of the steel coils fell onto him.
Case 48 22-year-old foundry worker died after being struck by a piece of an unpurged/uncleaned empty metal 55-gallon drum that exploded while he was cutting it with a cutting torch.
Case 49 57-year-old toolmaker was killed while performing maintenance on an indexing piece of equipment that had not been locked out.
Case 499 49-year-old machine builder was electrocuted when he contacted an energized conductor.
Case 501 60-year-old sawmill owner died when he slipped and fell from the cab of a front-end loader.
Case 504 44-year-old machine adjuster died when he contacted the upper frame of a pump that was energized by a damaged cord and plug.
Case 509 62-year-old heat treat operator died from complications of a cut/scratch sustained when he dropped either a carbon plate or a part onto his ankle.
Case 514 52-year-old manufacturing shift leader died when he was struck by a piece of 2.5-inch diameter metal tubing being cut by a tube cutting machine.
Case 515 61-year-old laborer died when she was struck by a 262-inch-long cast iron pipe that fell approximately 15 feet from ceiling height.
Case 529  54-year-old male technician died when he fell into a 53-foot long, 5-foot wide and 6-foot deep, 6,000-gallon tank containing a sulfuric acid-based pickling solution for steel tubes.
Case 534 64-year-old male supervisor at a recycling/alloy manufacturing facility was struck and run over by a front-end loader.
Case 55 37-year-old furnace operator died when she was crushed between the substructure of a lift platform and the floor.
Case 61 23-year-old paper production maker was killed when his head was caught between a low hanging overhead water pipe and the fork-mast of a forklift that did not have overhead guard protection.
Case 66 53-year-old brakeman died when he was crushed between a gate and train trackmobile engine while moving rail cars.
Case 70 27-year-old foreman was killed when a 13,000 pound steel plate he was staging came loose from the hoist slings and pinned him against another steel plate stack.
Case 71 52-year-old printing shop bindery operator tripped, bumped his rib cage on a bindery machine, and died one week later.
Case 8 43-year-old temporary worker was killed when he was struck by a roll-off dumpster being unloaded from a trailer.
Case 88 46-year-old feed room operator was crushed between a storage rack and a forklift truck.
Case 89 53-year-old machine repairman was killed when the mast of a pick and place unit he was repairing slipped from the fabric web sling that was supporting its weight and crushed him.
Case 90 49-year-old job setter was struck and run over by a powered industrial truck in the yard of an automobile engine manufacturing plant.
Case 91 23-year-old male yardman died at a concrete prefabricating facility when he was struck in the head with a 10-inch PCE concrete extruder weighing approximately 9000 pounds being moved by an overhead crane.
Case 445 A 58-year-old who worked in maintenance died when struck by part of a pressurized stainless steel furnace door that ruptured
Case 509 62-year-old heat treat operator died from complications of a cut/scratch sustained when he dropped either a carbon plate or a part onto his ankle.