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CASE MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections
Case 102 48-year-old builder was fatally injured when he fell approximately 15 feet onto cement striking his head.
Case 108 31-year-old construction worker died due to injuries sustained when he fell with trusses that collapsed.
Case 11 30-year-old Hispanic roofer died as a result of a 30-foot fall from a roof.
Case 112 30-year-old roofer died when he fell approximately 50 feet from the roof of a school to the concrete floor below.
Case 114 53-year-old heating and cooling technician died after he fell 5 feet from a mobile scaffold to a concrete floor.
Case 118 35-year-old homebuilder/roofer/carpenter died after he lost his balance and fell from the peak of a 10/12-pitch roof while installing a 2-piece metal drip edge near a dormer.
Case 127 50-year-old male carpenter was killed as a result of a 9-foot 8-inch fall from a 5/12 pitch residential roof.
Case 129 49-year-old printer was killed while raising a foyer wall at a residential construction site.
Case 132 23-year-old Hispanic construction laborer was killed when he fell from wooden building roof trusses that collapsed during installation.
Case 144 41-year-old trim installer sustained fatal injuries in a 20-foot fall from an unguarded roof surface.
Case 149 23-year-old ironworker died after falling 120 feet to the concrete below while erecting a monopole cellular phone tower.
Case 158 31-year-old Hispanic laborer was killed when he landed head first onto cement after he fell nearly 29 feet from a flat roof.
Case 167 41-year-old temporary agency employee fell 15 feet through a section of roof that collapsed and died several weeks later from injuries sustained at the time of the incident.
Case 17 52-year-old Hispanic construction caborer killed when he fell approximately 7 feet to a concrete floor.
Case 186 55-year-old electrician died when the bridge of a pendant-controlled overhead crane struck the self-propelled elevating work platform in which he was elevated.
Case 189 41-year-old iron worker was critically injured when a steel beam struck his head after he and the 300 pound cantilevered beam he had been sitting on fell approximately 14 feet. He died several weeks later in the hospital.
Case 205 24-year-old construction worker for a demolition company died after falling 189 feet down an elevator shaft as he was attempting to untangle an air compressor hose.
Case 219 19-year-old Hispanic roofing laborer died after falling 19 feet from a 10/12-pitch residential roof to concrete steps below.
Case 243 47-year-old Hispanic male construction laborer died as a result of an 11-12-foot fall from a ladder during demolition activities on the east side of a damaged abandoned building.
Case 25 39-year-old male carpenter died when the elevated platform he was working in fell approximately 12 feet from rough terrain forklift.
Case 258 31-year-old Hispanic male roofer died when he fell 48 feet through a 4-by 4-foot roof curb improperly covered and secured with 60-inch by 60-inch 22-gauge corrugated sheet metal.
Case 259 54-year-old carpenter for a home restoration company died when he fell from an unknown height from a 20-foot aluminum extension ladder to a concrete driveway.
Case 265 50-year-old self-employed building contractor employed by a construction firm died as a result of a 30-foot fall when a truss collapsed.
Case 268 48-year-old independent contractor died as a result of a fall of unknown height from a 20-foot fiberglass extension ladder equipped with safety feet.
Case 274 43-year-old Hispanic laborer died as a result of a fall from either a ladder or a roof edge.
Case 286 32-year-old carpenter for a roofing company died when the 18-foot-long metal piece of roofing material he was holding contacted a 4,800-volt overhead power line.
Case 288 31-year-old roofer died when the ladder he had tethered to another ladder came apart causing him to slide down and fall from the roof edge.
Case 293 60-year-old fire extinguisher service technician died as a result of a head injuries sustained when his head struck the concrete floor as he fell backwards.
Case 297 27-year-old construction worker died when the cantenary suspended scaffold platform sheet he was working on collapsed and he fell 140 feet to the water.
Case 299 67-year-old master plumber died when he fell from a 6-foot stepladder while prepping the second floor ceiling area for the installation of a water line.
Case 311 38-year-old steel erection worker died when he fell 26 feet to a concrete floor during the removal and replacement of approximately 6000 square feet of a low-sloped roof.
Case 322 20-year-old carpenter/roofer died several days after a 9- to 15-foot fall while installing shingles on a dormer of a 2-story home with a 10/12 roof pitch.
Case 325 36-year-old Hispanic roofer died when he fell through a rusted metal roof deck approximately 22 feet to the concrete floor.
Case 327 48-year-old construction laborer died when he fell approximately 28 feet from a shop-built, 4-foot deep by 16-foot long scaffold platform affixed to the forks of an extendable boom, rough terrain Skytrak 6036 forklift.
Case 328 43-year-old sheet metal fabricator died when he fell approximately 30 feet through an unguarded/unprotected, plastic dome-type skylight to equipment/concrete floor.
Case 33 55-year-old roofer died after falling onto concrete from a residential roof.
Case 339 31-year-old Hispanic carpenter died when he fell 30 feet from a roof edge to the frozen ground below.
Case 347 26-year-old roofer died during a re-roof with a shingle tear-off of a residential roof when he fell approximately 20 feet to the frozen ground below.
Case 348 58-year-old millwright died when he fell 60 feet through an opening in a catwalk floor while disassembling and removing conveyor equipment from a grain elevator.
Case 354 73-year-old electrician/company owner died from a fall from a ladder while replacing a service drop mast at a residential home.
Case 361 37-year-old temporary worker died when he fell approximately 25 feet from a ladder while helping to install a chimney liner at a private residence.
Case 366 51-year-old roofer died when he fell 17-20 feet when walking down a purlin to obtain a piece of insulation during the construction of a pole barn.
Case 373 28-year-old painter died when he fell from a second story roof while painting deck spindles.
Case 383 53-year-old maintenance manager died when he fell 20’6” through an unguarded 5’6” by 6’7” hole in a tower assembly for machinery.
Case 39 38-year-old construction laborer died after falling 13 feet from a roof
Case 392 61-year-old farmer/greenhouse owner died when he and the unsecured produce box raised by a tractor/forklift fell approximately seven feet to a concrete floor.
Case 398 55-year-old roofer who was the foreman on site, died when he fell approximately 27 feet through a deteriorated 2-foot-wide by 5-foot long concrete roof deck section to the concrete floor of an industrial plant.
Case 4 47-year-old carpenter died after falling 14 feet from roof during roof work preparation.
Case 40 35-year-old electrician was killed while changing lights in an overhead traffic signal when the boom supporting the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform he was working from was struck by a semi-truck.
Case 401 58-year-old self-employed construction worker was replacing floodlights on a home when he fell approximately 13 feet to a concrete surface.
Case 408 37-year-old owner/roofer fell approximately 30 feet from a pallet elevated by a rough terrain forklift while installing an ice guard on the cone of a roof.
Case 413 58-year-old carpenter died from a 44-foot fall from a roof parapet under construction.
Case 415 48-year-old roofer died from a 17-foot 6 inch fall from the edge of a 100-foot by 48-foot low-slope roof.
Case 422 39-year-old self-employed roofer died from injuries sustained in a 10-12-foot fall from a roof.
Case 425 56-year-old carpenter died from a 20-foot fall when the job-built window jack scaffold collapsed.
Case 426 75-year-old electrician died when he fell 24 feet to a cement pad.
Case 439 26-year-old painter died from injuries sustained in a 30-40 foot fall from a two-point suspended scaffold (swing stage scaffold) when one of the two anchor points appear to have failed.
Case 440 26-year-old carpenter died when he fell approximately 22 feet to the concrete floor of a residential home under construction.
Case 442 50-year-old iron worker fell 22 feet while working from and relocating a 24-foot fiberglass extension ladder positioned across an open shaftway.  
Case 446 39-year-old carpenter fell approximately 36 feet from a roof to the base of an egress basement window well.
Case 447 25-year-old roofer died when he fell approximately 12 feet 4 inches from the low-slopred, 4/12 pitch roof of a one-story commercial building to a concrete sidewalk.
Case 448 20-year-old plasterer/drywall installer died when he fell approximately 30 feet through a 24-inch by 48-inch plastic skylight.
Case 450 66-year-old roofing company owner died from a 26-foot fall from the flat roof of a commercial building.
Case 451 38-year-old demolition laborer died when a concrete 2nd floor collapsed in a building undergoing demolition.
Case 456 43-year-old construction foreman died from complications of the injuries sustained in a 12-foot fall from a metal pole barn roof.
Case 457 56-year-old male siding installer died when he fell approximately 8 feet from a flat roof to the concrete/packed dirt below.
Case 458 51-year-old-carpenter fell approximately 12 feet from the edge of a garage roof to packed dirt
Case 462 47-year-old journeyman ironworker died when he fell 16 feet from a work platform in a manufacturing facility.
Case 486 25-year-old roofer died from injuries sustained when he fell approximately 15 feet from a 10 in 12-pitch roof.
Case 497 41-year-old carpenter deid after falling approximately 18 feet through an unguarded roof skylight to a concrete floor.
Case 510 63-year-old owner of a construction firm died when he fell from an 8-foot step ladder to a concrete floor.
Case 52 29-year-old painter fell from 120 to 130 feet onto the back of a parked pickup truck from a water tower that he had been painting.
Case 527 51-year-old male commercial drywall installer fell 9-10 feet from a second-floor loft in a condominium building under construction to a concrete floor.
Case 538 46-year-old painter died when he fell approximately 30 feet from a 32- to 36-foot aluminum extension ladder to concrete.
Case 54 20-year-old worker died after he fell 27 feet through a roof skylight to a cement floor.
Case 58 47-year-old male working at a residential construction site died as a result of striking his head on concrete.
Case 62 24-year-old construction worker died after a 17-foot fall from a two-story house roof edge to the asphalt below.
Case 65 30-year-old mason was killed when it appears he jumped from a 24-foot high scaffold that was beginning to collapse and struck his head on the ground.
Case 7 31-year-old roofer died after falling 30 feet during a roof descent.
Case 73 56-year-old male and 76-year-old male died as a result of a fall while installing a metal roof over the existing roof shingles on a barn.
Case 75 40-year-old operator fell approximately 30 feet while conducting a painting operation.
Case 76 34-year-old painter was killed after falling approximately 90 feet from a high-tension transmission tower.
Case 78 44-year-old laborer was killed when the scaffold platform he was working from fell, and the 183-pound hoist motor he had been using to raise and lower a corner of the platform fell on him.
Case 83 41-year-old electrician died after being catapulted from an elevated work platform while attempting to remove a flagpole.
Case 85 52-year-old man died while unloading a 40-foot aerial boom lift truck from a dual axle trailer with two flip ramps mounted on the back.
Case 86 32-year-old project supervisor for a tower construction company was killed when he fell approximately 190 feet from a guyed cell tower.
Case 95 41-year-old roofer slid down and fell 40 feet from the roof of a building to the ground.
Case 96 33-year-old roofer died after falling 40 feet onto ice and frozen snow from the roof of a 3-1/2 story wooden structure he was working on.
Case 98 64-year-old brick mason died after falling from a scaffold on which he and his partner were working.
Case 2022-018 49-year-old Construction Laborer Dies from 16 Foot Fall