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Struck By

MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
01MI022 Truck Driver Dies in Excavation Cave-In During Diesel Tank Removal
01MI094 Bridge Painter Dies When He Falls Out of an Unsecured Rough Terrain Forklift Scaffold Platform
02MI090 Journeyman Pipefitter Killed When Struck in Head by Grooved End Cap Under Pressure
03MI005 Worker Dies As a Result of Being Struck and Pinned Between Two Vehicles While Repairing Potholes
04MI107 Engineering Technician Dies When Backed Over by Cement Mixer
04MI160 Carpenter Dies When Eight-foot Trench Wall Collapses During Sewer Pipe Replacement
05MI084 Worker Dies in Trench Collapse
06MI004 Hispanic Landscape Laborer Dies When Nine Foot Deep Trench Collapses
06MI068 Surveyor Dies When Struck by Oncoming Car
06MI174 Hispanic Laborer Dies as a Result of a Trench Collapse
06MI193 Field Technician Dies When Struck By Geofoam Block
06MI201 Journeyman Pipefitter Dies When Struck in Chest While Removing Vic Fitting End Cap From a Pressurized Pipe
07MI024 Pipefitter/Project Foreman Died When Struck by Ruptured Sewer Pipe/Mechanical Plug
07MI106 Iron Worker Dies When Struck By Falling Steel Header Beam
07MI169 Supervisor/Foreman Struck by a Pickup Truck While Placing Channelizer Drum in Road
08MI001 Pipe Technician Killed by Coke Oven Gas Pipe Explosion
08MI040 Municipal Truck Driver Dies After Being Backed Over by Dump Truck
09MI049 Commercial Roofer Died When Struck by a Falling Load of Palletized Roofing Material
09MI075 Semi-Truck Driver Died When Struck by Precast Concrete Panel That Fell from Semi Trailer
10MI038 Heavy Equipment Operator Killed When Ejected From Cab
12MI121 Pipefitter Dies When Excavation Wall Collapses, Causing Water Tank to Rotate and Pin Him Against Excavation Wall
13MI149 Truck Mechanic Pinned By Truck’s Sway Bar and Link
14MI119 Construction Owner Died in Trench Wall Collapse
15MI110 Construction Laborer Working in Highway zone Struck by Van
15MI117 Construction Laborer Died in a Trench Wall Collapse
17MI127 Construction Laborer Died in Trench Wall Collapse
18MI072 Field Manager Struck by Vehicle in Active Roadway While Taking Depth Measurement