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College of Human Medicine


MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
01MI002 Mold Setter’s Head Struck by a Cycling Single-Side Gantry Robot
01MI003 Operator Crushed Between a Rotating Barrel and Its Hoist Support Bar
01MI008 Welder Struck By Falling Steel Frame
01MI011 Machinist Struck and Killed by Fragments from Ruptured Steam Turbine Housing
01MI038 Maintenance Worker Struck in Head by Exploding Pressurized Tank
01MI068 Worker Falls From Wooden Pallet During Remodeling Work at a Fruit Processing Facility
03MI029 Co-Owner of Metal Forge Shop Dies When an Ejected Piece of Steel Used as a Stop Block in a Full Revolution Press Strikes Him in the Chest
03MI179 Welder Dies from Fall of Rigging
04MI074 Millwright Dies When Struck by Uncontrolled, Flailing Crane Cable
04MI180 Mill Hand Dies When Drill Was Thrown From Shattered Hardened Steel Tool Extension and Strikes Him In Chest
05MI066 Quality Control Operator Dies After Falling Into Cherry Processing Brine Tank
05MI141 Chemical Worker Died From Work-Related Asthma
06MI007 Forklift Driver Pinned Under an Overturned Forklift Dies
08MI003 Steel Mill Supervisor Pulled From Catwalk by Contact with Belt Conveyor
08MI010 Manufacturing Traffic Supervisor Dies When Struck by Forklift
08MI062 Machinist Dies When He Came Into Contact With a Rotating Vertical Cutting Head of a Gantry Mill
13MI009 Assistant Manager at Fertilizer Mixing Facility Dies When Pinned Under Overturned 1972 Tractor Without a ROPS