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College of Human Medicine

All Fatality Types

MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
01MI015 Farmer Pinned Beneath Tractor Overturned To the Rear
01MI029 Farmer Crushed Between Lift Arms and Frame of Skid-Steer Loader
01MI039 Logger Killed While Freeing Maple Log With Chainsaw During Skidding Operation
01MI058 Farmer Run Over by a Tractor and/or Manure Spreader
01MI061 and 01MI063 Two Individuals Overcome By Hydrogen Sulfide Gas While Cleaning a Farm Facility Water Well with 28% Liquid Muriatic Acid
02MI029 Farmer Died After Being Struck While Seated On The Tractor By an Unrestrained Rectangular Haylage Bale That Fell Out of An Elevated Front-End Loader Bucket That Independently Elevated
02MI120 Farmer Killed When His Tractor Leaves Public Road Shoulder and Overturns Into a Ditch
02MI121 Electrocution of Family Member When Welding on Rotary Disc Mower on Farm
02MI140 Farm Hand Run Over by Tractor While Starting the Tractor While Standing On the Ground
02MI143 Farmer Asphyxiated Due to Lack of Oxygen After Entering an Oxygen Limiting Silo 3 Days After Filling
02MI151 Farm Laborer Killed When He Became Entangled in an Unguarded PTO Shaft
03MI052 Farm Youth Died When He Became Entangled in an Unguarded PTO Shaft
03MI053 Farm Owner Crushed Underneath Rotary Mower While Changing Blades and Untangling Wire Wrapped On Cutting Blades
03MI066 Farmer Dies When He Is Crushed Under Overturned Tractor in Ditch
03MI067 Farmer Dies When He Was Pinned Between the Tractor Seat and a Tree in a Ditch Near His Soybean Field
03MI098 Farmer Dies When Pinned by Flail Mower
03MI103 Farmer Dies When Tractor With Front-End Loader Overturns In Ditch and Pins Him
03MI108 Farmer Dies When Grain In Grain Bin Engulfs Him
03MI134 Farmer Died When Tractor Overturns to Side While on a Hill
03MI193 Farmer Died When Electrocuted While Welding Feed Bunker Wagon
03MI202 Farmer Died When Crushed Between Tractor Steering Wheel and Enclosed Feed Auger
04MI093 Farmer Died When Run Over by Tractor’s Rear Wheel and Chopper
04MI108 Farmer Died When Run Over by Rear Wheel When He Started the Tractor While Standing On the Ground
04MI176 6-Year-Old Youth Dies When He Was Run Over by a Skid-Steer Loader Driven by His 9-Year-Old Brother
05MI064 Farmer Pinned Under Left Rear Tire of Industrial Tractor- Loader With Backhoe
05MI089 Retired Teacher/Farmer Dies When Pinned Under Overturned Tractor
05MI123 Truck Driver Dies When Struck By Straw Bales That Fell From Trailer Bed
06MI066 Logger Killed When Struck By Lodged Tree That Fell
06MI185 Truck Driver Electrocuted When Raised Long-Bed Dump Trailer Contacted 4,800-Volt Overhead Power Line
06MI205 Farmer Dies Leading Heifer Toward a Loading Chute to a Livestock Trailer
07MI044 Farmer Dies When His Tractor was Rear-ended by a Semi
07MI121 Laborer Painting Christmas Trees Electrocuted
07MI122 Farmer Killed When He Became Entangled in Implement Drive Line/Posthole Auger
08MI121 Worker at a Fruit Storage Facility Died After Entering a Controlled Atmosphere Storage Room
08MI128 Farmer Died When Portable Elevator Fell Onto Him
08MI134 Farmer Entangled in Unguarded Rotating Motor Drive Shaft on Farm-Modified Ear-Corn Elevator
08MI135 Farmer Drowned While Removing Stop Logs From Water Level Control Structure
10MI019 Farmer Died When He Fell From a Ladder
10MI021 Farmer Grading Field Pinned Under Overturned Tractor
10MI069 Hispanic Farm Laborer Electrocuted in Potato Field
10MI075 Farmer Run Over By Tractor During Idle Adjustment
10MI122 Farmer Pinned Under Driver’s Side Front Tire of a Front-end Loader
10MI200 Farmer’s Head and Neck Crushed Between Semi Trailer and Loading/Unloading Chute
11MI005 Logger Killed by Falling Tree
11MI006 Farmer Died When Front End Loader Bucket Struck Propane Tank Hidden by Snow
11MI059 Hispanic Farm Laborer Struck by 550-gallon Water Tank When Wood Support Structure Collapsed
11MI115 Farmer Run Over and Pinned Under Tractor Tire
12MI008 Farm Laborer Died When Struck By Front End Loader Bucket
12MI059 Land Owner Pinned by Tractor Bucket When Working in Ditch
12MI218 Horse Breeder Falls 11-12 Feet From Hayloft When Throwing Hay Bale
14MI014 Dairy Farm Worker Mauled by Either a 2-Year-Old Bull or a Dairy Cow
14MI118 Farm Worker Died When Unsupported Combine Head Fell Onto Him During Repair Activities in a Bean Field
14MI200 Farmer Crushed Under Free Standing Grain Bin Struck by Horses and/or Manure Spreader
15MI066 Farmer Starting Tractor from Ground Run Over by Tractor
15MI086 Owner of Farm Land Died Due to a Tractor Run Over
15MI104 Caretaker of a Farm Held in Trust Died Due to a Tractor Overturn to the Rear While Moving Downed Tree
16MI149 Farmer Died When Clothing Was Entangled in a Rotating Power Take Off Shaft
17MI136 Farm Laborer Pinned by Tree Branch Against His Tractor Seat
17MI142 Farmer Laborer Run Over by Tractor With Broken Parking Brake
18MI004 Farmer Pinned Between Skid Steer Loader Bucket and Frame
18MI055 Dairy Farm Worker Mauled by Dairy Cow or Bull
18MI213 Farmer Pinned by Tree Limb When Tree Shifted While Limbing/Bucking Tree
18MI243 Farmer Driving a Pickup Truck was Struck When a Pickup Ran a Stop Sign