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College of Human Medicine


MiFACE CASE ID Description of MiFACE Report
01MI022 Truck Driver Dies in Excavation Cave-In During Diesel Tank Removal
01MI056 Grader Operator Run Over by Rear Tire While Jumpstarting Grader
01MI094 Bridge Painter Dies When He Falls Out of an Unsecured Rough Terrain Forklift Scaffold Platform
02MI040 Truck Driver Killed When Front-End Loader Secured by Chains on a Lowboy Trailer Broke Free and Rolled Onto Cab
02MI060 Millwright Dies from Fall Off Ladder
02MI090 Journeyman Pipefitter Killed When Struck in Head by Grooved End Cap Under Pressure
02MI106 Highway Worker Killed by Passenger Vehicle While Setting Up Highway Work Zone Warning Signal
02MI119 Inside Wireman Electrician Electrocuted Working on Exterior Light Pole
02MI152 Guardrail Post Pounder Operator Electrocuted When Hammer Boom Contacts Energized Overhead Electrical Line
02MI157 Hispanic Laborer Dies When Dump Mechanism of Lift Truck Activates and Crushes Him Between the Truck Bed Bulkhead and Bridge Beam
02MI208 Laborer Electrocuted When Antenna on Top of Steel Pole Building Contacts 14400-Volt Energized Line
03MI005 Worker Dies As a Result of Being Struck and Pinned Between Two Vehicles While Repairing Potholes
03MI146 Electrician Dies From Being Pinned Between Iron Pipe and Articulated Boom-Supported Aerial Work Platform Control Panel
04MI066 Landscaper Died When the Arms of a Skid-Steer Loader Crushed His Upper Body and Head
04MI107 Engineering Technician Dies When Backed Over by Cement Mixer
04MI160 Carpenter Dies When Eight-foot Trench Wall Collapses During Sewer Pipe Replacement
05MI051 Carpenter Dies After He Jumped/Lost Balance From An Unsecured Ladder That Fell Due To A Wind Gust
05MI065 Hispanic Brick Mason Electrocuted When Rerod Contacts Powerline
05MI084 Worker Dies in Trench Collapse
05MI088 Construction Contractor Dies After Falling From Open Folding Chair He Was Standing On
05MI163 Construction Laborer Dies After Falling from Ladder
06MI004 Hispanic Landscape Laborer Dies When Nine Foot Deep Trench Collapses
06MI006 Truck Driver Killed After Falling Through Unprotected Skylight
06MI068 Surveyor Dies When Struck by Oncoming Car
06MI096 Ground Man For Milling Operation Dies When Struck by a Dump Truck Backing Into Work Zone
06MI117 Male Siding Installer Dies After Falling From a Roof While Installing a J Channel on a Dormer
06MI174 Hispanic Laborer Dies as a Result of a Trench Collapse
06MI193 Field Technician Dies When Struck By Geofoam Block
06MI201 Journeyman Pipefitter Dies When Struck in Chest While Removing Vic Fitting End Cap From a Pressurized Pipe
06MI207 Apprentice Lineman Dies When the Vibratory Plow He was Operating Struck a High Pressure Natural Gas Line.
06MI209 Heavy Equipment Operator Dies After Being Pinned Between the Boom and Cab of an Excavator
07MI007 Carpenter Dies After Fall From a Ladder That Slipped From Its Base While Positioned on Frozen Sand
07MI013 Construction Foreman Dies from Fall While Climbing the Tower of a Hydromobile Scaffold
07MI024 Pipefitter/Project Foreman Died When Struck by Ruptured Sewer Pipe/Mechanical Plug
07MI106 Iron Worker Dies When Struck By Falling Steel Header Beam
07MI136 Hotel Assistant Manager Dies Due to a Fall from a Ladder During Installation of Wood Trim
07MI169 Supervisor/Foreman Struck by a Pickup Truck While Placing Channelizer Drum in Road
07MI172 Roofer Dies From Fall Off Residential Roof
08MI001 Pipe Technician Killed by Coke Oven Gas Pipe Explosion
08MI009 Journeyman Mason Died After Stepping Backward Off a Raised Mobile Scaffold
08MI015 Construction Worker Dies From 69-Foot Fall Through Roof Opening
08MI037 Lineman Electrocuted When He Contacted 7,200-volt Power Line
08MI040 Municipal Truck Driver Dies After Being Backed Over by Dump Truck
09MI009 Construction Laborer Pinned Under Tire of Articulated Machine
09MI049 Commercial Roofer Died When Struck by a Falling Load of Palletized Roofing Material
09MI075 Semi-Truck Driver Died When Struck by Precast Concrete Panel That Fell from Semi Trailer
10MI013 Tub Refinisher Died Due to Methylene Chloride Overexposure While Stripping a Bathtub
10MI038 Heavy Equipment Operator Killed When Ejected From Cab
10MI137 Carpenter Died From Extension Ladder Fall
10MI144 Hispanic Roofer Dies After Falling Through an Improperly Secured Roof Hatch Cover
12MI121 Pipefitter Dies When Excavation Wall Collapses, Causing Water Tank to Rotate and Pin Him Against Excavation Wall
13MI020 Roofer Falls From Roof Edge When He Stepped on Insulation Overhang
13MI091 Painter Died When Elevated Scissor Lift Tipped to Side When Tire Entered Pavement Depression
13MI136 Dump Truck Driver Entangled in Dump Box Power Take Off Driveline